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or ex·terne  (ĕk′stûrn′)
A person associated with but not officially residing in an institution, especially a nonresident physician on a hospital staff.

[Latin externus, external; see external.]

ex′tern·ship′ n.
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(Education) a form of work experience offered by educational institutions in which a student observes a professional in their place of work
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The college also offers experiential learning through the Human Rights Practicum and international law externships.
The event enables the healthcare system to develop a talent pipeline and get to know candidates for externships, fellowships and other opportunities.
Law students contributed hours through a variety of efforts, including externships at legal aid and community organizations, law school clinics, and law student organization led projects.
Smith School of Business to expand its portfolio of externships, language training and other programs through 2022.
When our students complete externships and legal residencies in the nonprofit sector, they have a significant impact.
(13) The highly-regarded 1992 ABA "MacCrate Report" extolled the importance of providing students with practice-oriented instruction in law clinics and externships. (14) Most recently, the ABA's 2014 Task Force on the Future of Legal Education reported that much of what it "heard from recent graduates reflects a conviction that they received insufficient development of core competencies that make one an effective lawyer, particularly those relating to representation and service to clients." (15) It called for legal education to shift from doctrinal instruction toward more focused preparation for delivering legal services to clients.
Prospective students were also allegedly told that externships provided by the schools would lead to full-time, in-field employment.
She observed that because the Ethiopian government was in need of legally trained personnel at all levels, students should receive practical training while in law school, particularly opportunities to participate in well-supervised externships. Louise emphasized the need for a student practice rule and drafted one for consideration by the Ministry of Justice.
This past year, seven requests were received for three funded externships.
Businesses and other partners have long been involved in talent development for students, primarily by offering internships, externships, competitions and school projects.
The IPS maintains close monitoring of the clinical training process of its students both in the context of classroom performance, as well as success in externships or internships.