extra-base hit

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ex·tra-base hit

n. Baseball
A double, a triple, or a home run.

ex′tra-base′ hit′

a hit in baseball that enables a batter to reach more than one base safely.
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His home run was the only extra base hit of the game, as 11 of Tulane's 12 hits were singles.
As the Cardinals' lineup included the same LHB both before and after the RF screen was installed, the change in extra base hits by LHB should be due to the screen.
Only extra base hits were revised since the removal of the screen would not have affected the total number of hits, as any ball hitting the screen was already a hit.
The score might have been more lopsided had Royal third baseman Nicole Mears not made two diving stops in the second inning, robbing Rosary batters of extra base hits each time.
Jessica Velasquez, Ivette Hernandez, Devina Quintero and Nadia Pelpola each had extra base hits for Canoga Park (26-7).
537 slugging percentage and leads in runs scored (93) and in extra base hits (51).
Karros, who had only three extra base hits in his previous 51 at-bats, reached just the nine home run mark this season when he hit the ball into the left field seats.
197 batting average (12 for 61), just two RBI and no extra base hits and replaced in the starting lineup by fellow rookie Matt Luke.
San Fernando's three hits were all extra base hits.
The play was ruled a hit, and set up RBI extra base hits by Richard Dorman (who had two home runs) and Kile Rumrey.
Cal Lutheran had just two extra base hits in the first game - a two-run homer by Frank Maldonado in the seventh and a double from Sean Smith - but still managed to bang out 23 hits off three different pitchers.