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a.1.(Zool.) Inserted exterior to the eyes; - said of the antennæ of certain insects.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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MIDs manifest also frequently in the extra-ocular muscles and the facial muscles.
Daily use of I-Lid 'n Lash helps to remove ocular debris, reduce extra-ocular inflammation and enhance the effectiveness of artificial tears, Grafton Optical explained.
Pandey et al decided to test the effect of two osteopathic techniques to balance extra-ocular muscle tone and improve drainage of aqueous humor--muscle energy technique (MET) and myofascial release (MFR).
Extra-ocular muscle movements were intact and there was no proptosis or facial edema.
The extra-ocular muscles are well developed, the origin and insertion of the rectus and oblique muscles are similar to other vertebrates, which is similarly observed by (Lima et al., 1997).
Among the topics are the ophthalmic patient, ocular history taking and slit-lamp examination, the lacrimal system and tear film, the uveal tract, glaucoma, the extra-ocular muscles, and ocular manifestations of systemic disease.
The extra-ocular movements were restricted on the right side with right gaze being worse affected.
In some patients, extra-ocular findings are so mild that the patients can be followed up only with a diagnosis of ocular albinism for a long period.
Clinical manifestation of edema, proptosis and diplopia in thyroid associated ophthalmopathy are attributed to infiltration of lymphocytes and enlargement of extra-ocular muscle, accumulation of glycosaminoglycan (GAG) (Balazs and Koranyi, 2011).
Metcalfe, "The pattern of extra-ocular muscle involvement in ocular myasthenia," Strabismus, vol.
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