a.1.(Anat. & Med.) Outside of the uterus, or womb.
Extra-uterine pregnancy
(Med.) a condition of pregnancy in which the fetus is not in the uterus, but in the Fallopian tube or in the abdominal cavity.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In conclusion, the majority of our cohort had normal physiologic endometrial patterns, and AUB in these patients is therefore likely to be linked to myometrial or extra-uterine pathology that could be addressed with a less aggressive treatment modality than hysterectomy.
The advantages of sono-hystero-salpingography (SIS) over HSG also include the ability to assess nearby extra-uterine structures, the lack of ionizing radiation and, often, better tolerability by the women being examined.
The concern and aim of researchers, they write in "An extra-uterine system to physiologically support the extreme premature lamb," is to provide "a bridge between the mother's womb and the outside world," as Dr.
Flake and colleagues report on preclinical studies of their extra-uterine support device in Nature Communications.
Uterine papillary serous carcinoma and clear cell histology are distinct variants of endometrial cancer with tendency for extra-uterine spread and poor prognosis.10 Type 1 endometrial cancers are low risk having better 5 year survival rates whereas, stage-adjusted 5-year survival rates for Type II tumors are significantly worse compared to Type I tumors.11
ESS, which is characterized by cells that resemble those of the endometrial stroma during the proliferative phase, usually originates from the uterine corpus, although it may arise in extra-uterine locations.
Laparotomy was required in only one patient, for an extra-uterine Copper-T8.
Smoking, according to the report, also causes inflammation and sight loss, is detrimental to the immune system, increases the risk of dying from tuberculosis and of women having an extra-uterine pregnancy.
For the vast majority of newborn babies, birth and adaptation to extra-uterine life happens as a completely normal process that does not require medical attention at all.