a.1.Not subject to physical laws or methods.
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In Heidegger's work, the physical voidness of the jug affords the ritual act of outpouring (usually of wine), which creates an extraphysical or spiritual sense of "nearness" or togetherness, thus giving interality a spiritual overtone.
For the purpose of illustration, consider the Christian extraphysical concepts (extraphysical, often defined as "not subject to physical laws or methods," denotes things disconnected from observable reality) pertaining to man's place in the universe in the year 1500, a point in history prior to the observation-based concepts of heliocentrism and evolution.
Although religions are based on extraphysical beliefs, those benefits are real.
Vitalism is often used derisively to label metaphysicians who assume the existence of an extraphysical vital force that is without any defeasible explanatory power; it might more properly indicate figures like Bergson and James, whose conceptual models are based on changeable living systems and who give primacy to dwelling in the world and experiencing it in action rather than intellectual ways of cognizing or interpreting it.
When a man who cut his second-row teeth in the bearpit of Kingsholm starts verbalising the physicality of any match, it is clear something extraphysical could be afoot.
Projectiology acts exclusively within the scope of essential wisdom, or that of conscientiology [study of multidimensional consciousness], because it concentrates all of its research, without any messianism [belief in a savior or deliverer], in the third basic state of the consciousness, or the projected state, which is important to the intraphysical consciousness [consciousness in embodied human form, incarnate] and even to the extraphysical consciousness [consciousness outside or beyond human embodiment, discarnate.
Data was collected from eight sources with heavy emphasis on the research of the author: (1) projections--over 1,100 self-analyzed, spontaneous, and provoked "consciential projections" (lucid out-of-body occurrences) experienced by the author from 1941 until March 1985; (2) round-table discussions; (3) correspondence; (4) intraphysical consciousnesses; (5) extraphysical consciousnesses; (6) meetings--parapsychic field research and personal meetings conducted in Brazil, the United States, and Europe, with directors, editors, researchers, and members of institutions, laboratories, bookstores, studios, and private and public university and institutional libraries; (7) technical and scholarly works, e.
Any game is physical but when you come up against German teams, it is always extraphysical so I'll be prepared for any knock that is thrown at me, " he said, almost casually.
They have no difficulty believing that there are extraphysical entities capable of violating the laws of science at will.
that (i) the mind is amenable to study using the empirical means of the natural sciences, and (ii) explanatory accounts of mind need posit no supernatural or extraphysical things or properties.
Through the generosity of some of his supporters, Randi has a standing offer to pay $624,000 to anyone who can conclusively demonstrate to his satisfaction any method or device that works by supernatural or extraphysical means.
In the dualistic view, consciousness is some kind of extraphysical force that acts to cause events to happen, to collapse wave functions or actualize particular paths.