Extreme distance

(Paint.) See Distance., n., 6.

See also: Extreme

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Looking down from the Sierra Blanco, one sees a pathway traced out across the desert, which winds away and is lost in the extreme distance. It is rutted with wheels and trodden down by the feet of many adventurers.
Shortly after the contest had begun, any one looking from the lists along this road might have remarked, far away in the extreme distance, two brilliant and sparkling points which glittered and twinkled in the bright shimmer of the winter sun.
And the way Silvestre De Sousa's mount, a Shergar Cup Stayers victor here last August, stayed on to take third to Low Sun in the Cesarewitch over two and a quarter miles at Newmarket in October suggests an extreme distance will suit.
The test results show that at 100MHz bandwidth, the single user downlink peak rate is stable at 1.8Gbps, and the extreme distance is up to 3 kilometers.
She was pointing into the blindness of extreme distance once again, out past the dark shade she had assured me was Ayia Napa.
It is harder to carry big weights over such an extreme distance on soft ground and after much deliberation the each way nod goes to Vieux Lion Rouge (5.15) who has finished seventh and sixth in the race for the last two years and won the Becher Chase here a couple of seasons ago.
"As well as being a very exciting discovery in its own right, the extreme distance of DES16C2nm gives us a unique insight into the nature of SLSN.
"Considering their extreme distance from Earth and the frenetic star-forming activity inside each, it's possible we may be witnessing the most intense galaxy merger known to date," Riechers said.
The form of that race was worked out fairly well and he can complete his hat-trick over today's extreme distance.
Now, for the first time for a galaxy at such an extreme distance, the team has used Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3(WFC3) to precisely measure the distance to GN-z11 spectroscopically by splitting the light into its component colours.
The extreme distance of the race and the variable terrain places Ring O' Fire as one of the most supreme ultra marathons in Britain.
By contrast to most of his rivals, Dynastic still looks quite unexposed as he tries this extreme distance for the first time since his days in Ireland.
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