Eye Expressions, Miscellaneous

Eye Expressions, Miscellaneous

  1. Excitement widened her eyes like periods at the end of billboard sentences —Tom Robbins
  2. Expressionless blue eyes … like a pair of glass marbles —Frank Swinnerton
  3. Eyes … alive, like blue tigers —Cynthia Ozick
  4. Eyes … as cold and lacking in interest as the eyes of a tortoise —Nadine Gordimer
  5. Eyes as dead as stale oysters —Raymond Chandler
  6. Eyes as deep and storyless as the sea —Terry Bisson
  7. Eyes as doleful and red-rimmed as an old hound’s —Robert Traver
  8. Eyes, as hard and cold as a frozen lake —Ellen Glasgow
  9. Eyes … as innocent as if they had entered their sockets a half-hour ago —Ben Hecht
  10. Eyes … as opaque as jelly beans —Joan Hess
  11. Eyes … as shy as a wild stag’s —Mary Lee Settle
  12. Eyes, bland and sad as a dog’s —George Garrett
  13. Eyes … blank, clouded with anger or grief, like the sky before a snowstorm —James Crumley
  14. Eyes blind as woodknots —Daniel Berrigan
  15. Eyes clear and cool as rainwater —George Garrett
  16. Eyes clear and candid as a winter sky at dawn —Harvey Swados
  17. Eyes clear as water —John Steinbeck
  18. Eyes clear as window glass —Ward Just
  19. Eyes … cloudless as a sky in spring —George Garrett
  20. Eyes … cold as a crocodile’s —Peter Benchley
  21. Eyes cold as grey agate —Margaret Mitchell
  22. Eyes cool as coins —Margaret Millar
  23. Eyes … dark and cold … like water under ice —Mary Hedin
  24. Eyes … dark and empty, like open graves —Donald Seaman
  25. Eyes..dead and cold, like marbles swimming in glass —Paige Mitchell
  26. Eyes … expressionless as ice cubes —Clive Cussler
  27. Eyes, fishy and staring like headlights —Harvey Swados
  28. (When he is excited or amused … his) eyes flare like two cigarette lighters —Bryan Miller, New York Times story about Yves Montand, June 24, 1987
  29. Eyes flat and vicious like the eyes of a mean dog crouched over a bone —George Garrett
  30. Eyes frightened as if she expected any moment the stunning blow of a fist —George Garrett
  31. His eyes glaze over like eggs up —Ira Wood
  32. Eyes … grow blank as a dropped blind —Edith Wharton
  33. Eyes … hard as almond shells with a kernel of light —Rumer Godden
  34. Eyes hard as buttons —Louise Erdrich
  35. (Her inky) eyes have the look of someone who has been in prison a long time and knows they can send her back —Sharon Olds
  36. Eyes in which intelligence and comprehension burned like two fixed stars —Edith Wharton
  37. Eyes keen as talons —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  38. Eyes, like a stern judge’s, seemed to pierce the heart of all questions —Honoré de Balzac
  39. Eyes like flint-stones —Donald Seaman
  40. Eyes like glacier lakes —Donald McCaig
  41. Eyes like marbles, hard and glazed —Borden Deal
  42. Eyes like needles —Lord Byron
  43. Eyes like smoking tragedies —Edna O’Brien
  44. Eyes … like the eyes in the statues blank and unseeing and serene —William Faulkner
  45. Eyes … like the eyes of a dying man who looks everywhere for healing —James Baldwin
  46. Eyes … like the eyes of the dead that noon has closed with love’s last kiss —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  47. (Looked back at him, his black) eyes like two drill bits —Nicholas Proffitt
  48. Eyes like two steel spikes —Flannery O’Connor
  49. Eyes looked like the prelude to a scream —Raymond Chandler
  50. Eyes observant and curious like those of a man caught in a great catastrophe which it is his duty to record —Graham Greene
  51. (Lying motionless on his back,) eyes staring up at the ceiling like a doll’s —Joseph Heller
  52. Eyes … steely as a bird’s —Jean Garrigue
  53. Eyes swollen with rage; they look like hard-cooked eggs —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  54. Eyes that looked as if they might warm up at the right time and in the right place —Raymond Chandler
  55. Eyes that looked as if they were trying to see beyond the horizon —William Mcllvanney
  56. Eyes went flat with terror, like a rabbit caught by a car’s headlights —Andrew Kaplan
  57. Eyes widened with fear, like a cat facing headlights in the night —Z. Vance Wilson
  58. Eyes … wide open like a deer’s —Colette
  59. Fury flashing from her eyes like New Year’s Eve sparklers —Dorothea Straus
  60. Hard eyes … like little metal studs (pinned into the white faces of young men) —John Updike
  61. His eyes [Mike Wallace’s] grew flat as the eyes of a movie Apache who has just taken a rifle bullet to the stomach —Norman Mailer

    The Apache comparison underscores Mailer’s repeated references to Mike Wallace’s resemblance to an Indian.

  62. Little eyes lit up like a cat’s in a room full of yarn —Thomas Zigal
  63. Look in his eyes like a glutted steer in a feedlot —Mary Hood
  64. Mischief crackling like static electricity in her eyes —W. P. Kinsella
  65. Tired, kindly eyes, like the eyes of a monkey —Elizabeth Bowen
  66. Wide amazed eyes like an expensive china doll —George Garrett
  67. Wide penetrating eyes, like black raisins —Rex Reed

    The eyes Reed is comparing to black raisins belong to Sophia Loren.

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