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Conventional eyedrops, they say, rob eyes of proteins essential to keeping them moist and comfortable.
This year, DeGress says, Similasan is debuting Pink Eye Relief eyedrops, which she describes as the first over-the-counter eyedrops indicated for pink eye.
Q: How does Nature's Tears EyeMist differ from eyedrops?
Although eye care is a new category for Mentholatum, Rohto Pharmaceuticals has built its business around eyedrops. "Eyedrops are its core competence," notes Mark Cieslinski, senior director of U.S.
"While TheraTears lubricant eyedrops and TheraTears liquid gel relieve dry eye from the outside, TheraTears Nutrition relieves dry eye from the inside, suppressing blepharitis, stimulating tear secretion and bolstering the oil layer that protects tears from evaporating."
Similasan Corp., which markets preservative-free all-natural eyedrops, added single-dose versions of its Similasan #1 and #2 drops.
The antihistamines include Diphenhydramine, Azelastine Nasal Sprays, Levocabastine Eyedrops, Levocabastine Oral, Hydroxyzine, Cyproheptadine, Azelastine Eyedrops, Carbinoxamine, Desloratadine, Emedastine Eyedrops, and others.
The following eyedrops have either a long history of safe usage for cataract management and/or have research studies showing related benefits to lens health.
The participants had not used prescription or over the counter eyedrops in the 24 hours before testing.
Combined with an ophthalmic squeeze dispenser from partner Aptar Pharma, the packaging concept now proves conducive to protecting preservative-free eyedrops from microbiological contamination before, during and after initial consumer use.
Along with eye exams, patients receive at least one pair of glasses, surgery referrals for those who need them and eyedrops for conditions such as dry eyes, glaucoma, eye infections, allergies and more.<br />Over the past six academic years, the McCabe scholarship has helped over 100 NSU optometry students go on the international mission trip.<br />
These include eyedrops for itchy, watery eyes, nasal sprays to relieve congestion and antihistamine tablets.