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pl n
(Anatomy) archaic the eyes
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n., v. eyed, ey•ing eye•ing. n.
1. the organ of sight; in vertebrates, one of a pair of spherical bodies contained in an orbit of the skull, along with its associated structures.
2. the visible parts of this organ, as the cornea, iris, and pupil, and the surrounding eyebrows, eyelids, and eyelashes.
3. this organ with respect to the color of the iris: blue eyes.
4. the region surrounding the eye: puffy eyes.
5. sight; vision: a sharp eye.
6. the power of seeing; appreciative or discriminating visual perception: the eye of an artist.
7. a look, glance, or gaze: cast one's eye upon a scene.
8. an attentive look; observation: under the eye of a guard.
9. regard, view, aim, or intention: an eye to one's own advantage.
10. judgment; opinion: in the eyes of the law.
11. a center; crux: the eye of an issue.
12. something suggesting the eye in appearance, as the opening in the lens of a camera or a peephole.
13. a bud, as of a potato or other tuber.
14. a small, contrastingly colored part at the center of a flower.
15. a usu. lean, muscular section of a cut of meat.
16. a roundish spot, as on a tail feather of a peacock.
17. the hole in a needle.
18. a hole in a thing for the insertion of some object, as the handle of a tool: the eye of an ax.
19. a ring through which something, as a rope or rod, is passed.
20. the loop into which a hook is inserted.
21. a photoelectric cell or similar device used to perform a function analogous to visual inspection.
22. a hole formed during the maturation of cheese.
23. the region of lighter winds and fair weather at the center of a tropical cyclone.
24. the direction from which a wind is blowing.
25. to look at; view: to eye the wonders of nature.
26. to watch carefully: eyed them with suspicion.
27. to make an eye in: to eye a needle.
28. Obs. to appear; seem.
1. be all eyes, to be extremely attentive.
2. catch someone's eye, to attract someone's attention.
3. give someone the eye, to give someone a flirtatious or warning glance.
4. have an eye for, to be discerning about.
5. have eyes for, to be attracted to.
6. keep one's eyes open, to be especially alert or observant.
7. lay or set eyes on, to see.
8. make eyes, to glance flirtatiously; ogle.
9. run one's eye over, to examine hastily.
10. see eye to eye, to agree.
11. with an eye to, with the intention or consideration of.
[before 900; Middle English eie, ie, Old English ēge, variant of ēage; c. Old Saxon ōga, Old High German ouga, Old Norse auga; akin to Latin oculus, Greek ṓps]
eye′like`, adj.
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