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11) indicated a distinct double eyewall structure, suggestive of an imminent weakening trend.
The storm was at a standstill, with part of its eyewall having hung over Grand Bahama Island since Sunday.
In an advisory posted an hour ago, the US National Hurricane Center urged the residents on Grand Bahama Island to remain in a shelter as they are currently experiencing the 'eyewall' of Dorian.
Storm Surge Watch extended North to South Santee River South Carolina." "Destructive eyewall of Dorian continues to lash Grand Bahama Island," it warned.
Total rainfall at a particular location varies with the forward speed of the hurricane, with the size of the hurricane's wind field, and with how vigorous the updrafts are in the hurricane's eyewall.
"The eyewall of this catastrophic hurricane is about to hit the Abaco Islands with devastating winds," the NHC tweeted.
It tweeted: "The eyewall of #Dorian is reaching the Abaco Islands.
This is the eyewall, where you'll find the strongest winds and heaviest rain.
"Though the centre of cyclone lies over land, the rear sector of eyewall is still over the sea.
This is because Hurricane Michael's eyewall -- a region of clouds, high winds and heavy rainfall surrounding the center of the storm (known as the eye), was punctured.
While there are no depth measurements in Mexico Beach currently available, this community was in the right eyewall of Michael where storm surge is typically the highest.