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The mass of clouds that whirls around the eye of a hurricane, where the destructive force of the storm is most intense.
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Says Ron Holle, meteorologist and lightning authority: "Patricia is now among the few storms that show lightning in a tight circle in the eyewall.
UPDATE: The cloud-seeding "explosions," in which clouds grew rapidly, were part of Stormfury, a project that aimed to slow a hurricane's winds by seeding clouds outside the eyewall.
Legazpi, capital of the province of Albay, and witnessed the effects of being both in the eye and eyewall of Rammasun on Tuesday.
The company's EyePlay, EyeStep and EyeWall products open up a world of possibilities to engage audiences in out-of-home locations.
National Hurricane Center said Wednesday evening that Manuel's eyewall was now nearing the Pacific Coast of Mexico.
NASA research shows that a tropical cyclone with a hot tower in its eyewall was twice as likely to intensify within six or more hours, than a cyclone that lacked a hot tower.
These instruments will measure eyewall and rainband winds and precipitation using a Doppler radar and other microwave sensors called the High-altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler (HIWRAP), High-Altitude MMIC Sounding Radiometer (HAMSR) and Hurricane Imaging Radiometer (HIRAD).
Although the eyewall of Katrina did not pass directly over New Orleans, wind driven waves and storm surge breached several points in the levee system, demonstrating that the city was ill equipped for a storm of Katrina's magnitude.
It can get three times more turbulent than being in a commercial airplane when we fly into air currents in the eyewall, just before entering the quiet eye at the center of the hurricane.
The dropsonde is a weather instrument package released by a weather reconnaissance loadmaster into the eyewall and center of the hurricane.
A partial thickness wound of the eyewall is termed a 'lamellar laceration'.