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v. t. & i.1.To ail.
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Eyle, head of Syracuse-based ReconsiDer, meets again with the city council this month to discuss such steps as a resolution asking the federal and state governments to change drug policies that are merely stimulating black-market activity, crime and violence.
Eyles will lead sales and business development worldwide for Deluxe Distribution, including bringing together all of the company's distribution-specific product resources, sales and support teams and business development functions into one group.
Eyles, of Oliver Gardens in Mirfield, pleaded guilty to theft.
Brandon Bees scorers: Cameron Gill 17, Lee Gregory 10, Tom Savage 10, Owen Gregory 10, Amy Baynes 7, Jony Middleton 6, Lucias Eyles 4, Joseph Augustus 4, Thomas Pearson 3.
Combining the options would probably increase premiums for the enrollees now using the lower-priced plans, Eyles predicted.
Dissection of the holotype of Leptidolon vittipenne Reuter, the type species of this genus reveals that it is a member of the nominal genus Polyozus Eyles and Schuh, 2003.
Cleaning a beach only takes a couple of hours at most," says Lauren Eyles.
However, all you really need to do to make sure you don't get sick from your chicken is cook it: "Cooking poultry right through kills these bacteria, making it safe," Dr Eyles insists.
Author Shaun Eyles has created a bright new chapter for Vampire fiction.
Join Tom Eyles for a mini-beast hunt on Monday or a bat and moth walk on Wednesday at 9 pm in Ebbw Vale.
Eyles was on his way to quote a job when he spotted a fire at an apartment building on Daniels Street in Fitchburg shortly after 9 a.