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v. t. & i.1.To ail.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Eyle, head of Syracuse-based ReconsiDer, meets again with the city council this month to discuss such steps as a resolution asking the federal and state governments to change drug policies that are merely stimulating black-market activity, crime and violence.
The group includes New Age therapist Bibi (Marisa van Eyle), her failed-writer husband (Bart Klever), Bibi's immature brother Nico (Mark Reitman) and his nagging wife (Anneke Blok).
Eyles then saw another decent effort saved by Jones in the Burscough goals.
Councillor Eyles said: "We feel the proposed new access to the site will increase the number of cars travelling down unsuitable roads."
A spokesperson for Whitefriars Housing said: "We have done work to address damp and mould at Ms Eyles' home on numerous occasions.
"Britain, and the Midlands in particular, is famous for its manufacturing and engineering prowess which was the envy of the world," said Mr Eyles.
So shows Don Eyles in Sunburst and Luminary, his account of helping design the guidance systems that led Apollo missions to their successes.
Eyles will lead sales and business development worldwide for Deluxe Distribution, including bringing together all of the company's distribution-specific product resources, sales and support teams and business development functions into one group.
In the article titled "Plant MicroRNA Prediction by Supervised Machine Learning Using C5.0 Decision Trees" [1] the name of the second author was given incorrectly as Rod Eyles. The author's name should have been written as Rodney P.
The charity's beach watch manager Lauren Eyles said: "For the first time since the charges were introduced we've seen a significant drop that can only be as a result of the 5p charge now in place in all the home nations.
Matt Eyles, an analyst at Avalere Health, has estimated that the proposal could eliminate about 39 percent of the plans that would otherwise be offered in 2016.
Leptidolon vittipenne Reuter is judged to be congeneric with Polyzus galbanus Eyles and Schuh; because Leptidolon Reuter is the older name.