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Noun1.Ezo - the second largest of the four main islands of JapanEzo - the second largest of the four main islands of Japan; to the north of Honshu
Japan, Japanese Archipelago, Japanese Islands - a string of more than 3,000 islands to the east of Asia extending 1,300 miles between the Sea of Japan and the western Pacific Ocean
Asahikawa - a city on western Hokkaido that is the center of a fertile agricultural area
Sapporo - a commercial city in northern Japan on western Hokkaido
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Estimating larval supply of Ezo abalone Haliotis discus hannai in a small bay using a coupled particle-tracking and hydrodynamic model: insights into the establishment of harvest refugia.
Theywill emphasizeon frozen Ezo abalone as well in the future.
Ezo would also come to play a role in the China trade as many of the marine products that brought such high profits were found in the surrounding waters.
Makpandu and Ezo in southern Sudan), (12) most internally displaced find themselves seeking shelter with local populations and sharing already scarce resources in order to survive.
The earliest Japanese histories describe a group called the Emishi who inhabited northern Honshu and Ezo (Hokkaido).
They're just humans," sixth-grader eZo Cina-Sklar said.
Cans are a practical container for food, and the EZO lid removes the need for a can opener.
Longtime Sapporo resident Phred Kaufman is founder and owner of Ezo Beer, as well as Beer Inn Mugishutei, where patrons order from a list of over 300 brews.
Though a number of Aomori intellectuals wish to see their prefecture as a hybrid culture where the dominant Yamato culture has combined with the extinct Ezo and absent Ainu cultures (Ainu communities exist only in Hokkaido, the northern-most island), the Akakura congregation considers itself to be purely "Japanese"--that is it accepts the myth of Japan as a monoracial nation.
BIAC produces two types of abalone, the Japanese northern, or ezo abalone, and the more common red abalone.
The effect ofwood moisture content (MC) on treatability with chromated copper arsenate was investigated for commercially important softwood species (Japanese red pine, Japanese larch, and ezo spruce) in Korea.
Aside from Cutex and Compound W, Medtech products include Mosco callus and corn remover, Dermoplast skin care products, Ezo denture cushions, Heet pain relieving liniment, Zincon medicated dandruff shampoo and the analgesic Percogesic.