Ezra Loomis Pound

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Noun1.Ezra Loomis Pound - United States writer who lived in EuropeEzra Loomis Pound - United States writer who lived in Europe; strongly influenced the development of modern literature (1885-1972)
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The notes, chiefly the work of Omar Pound, are full of revelations about himself, about his mother Dorothy Shakespear Pound, and about his legal (but not biological) father, Ezra Loomis Pound. The period covered is the crucial year of Pound's humiliating arrest by Italian partisans (who came to his house in Rapallo with a tommy gun), his first surprisingly kind custody by American counterintelligence forces, his transfer to the Disciplinary Training Center at Pisa (where he wrote The Pisan Cantos under extreme mental and physical stress, though allowed access to a typewriter in a medical tent as a therapeutic measure), his flight to Washington to face charges of treason for his Rome radio broadcasts during World War II, and his subsequent incarceration in St.
2 The Letters' of Ezra Loomis Pound to James Joyce, with Pound's Essays on Joyce, ed.