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Noun1.Ezra Pound - United States writer who lived in EuropeEzra Pound - United States writer who lived in Europe; strongly influenced the development of modern literature (1885-1972)
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Along the way, she collected lovers including Samuel Beckett, Jackson Pollock and Ezra Pound.
A conversation between Ezra Pound and Allen Ginsberg".
BORN GARY Player, American golfer, 1935 DIZZEE Rascal, English rapper, 1985, above MARK Hughes, Welsh footballer, 1963 DIED EZRA Pound, American poet, 1972 PHIL Silvers, US comedy actor, 1985, above DALE Carnegie, American writer, 1955
Cummings evolved into a dark rebellious man whose mentor was Ezra Pound, absorbing a rebellion against authority that resulted in an alienation from the Cambridge intellectualism he'd once revered.
The files contain details of spies around the world, including British nurse Edith Cavell, who saved soldiers in German-occupied Belgium; Mata Hari, the notorious female spy and entertainer and poet Ezra Pound.
One need only remember Qian's own earlier volume, Orientalism and Modernism, or Robert Kern's Orientalism, Modernism, and the American Poem, or Gao Fen's Modernism and Oriental Culture, to say nothing of the slew of transpacific "and" books treating specific authors in this regard, including yet another Zhaoming Qian volume, Ezra Pound and China, Sanehide Kodama's Ezra Pound and Japan, Ming Xie's Ezra Pound and the Appropriation of Chinese Poetry--one could go on and on.
In March 1941, on the eve of the outbreak of Pacific War, Ezra Pound wrote to his friend, the Japanese poet and critic Kitasono Katsue, proposing that the United States concede Japan the island of Guam, object of military contention between the belligerent countries, in exchange for audiovisual recordings of 300 Noh plays, with the purpose of including them in the curricula of the American schools.
writing this one as Ezra Pound, conditioned on a leash, as
before he died, one Ezra Pound told a friend, "Go with God, if you
They have brought whores for Eleusis Corpses are set to banquet Ezra Pound, Canto XLV
2 [1985]: 34-50); Hugh Kenner's The Pound Era (Berkeley: U of California P, 1971); Sanehide Kodama's American Poetry and Japanese Culture (Hamden, CT: Archon, 1984); Akiko Miyake's Ezra Pound and the Mysteries of Love: A Plan for The Cantos; Akiko Miyake, Sanehide Kodama, and Nicholas Teele, eds.
Ezra Pound is one of the most important poets in the 20th century, and his being a poet outweighs his patronage of the writers of the last century; his role as a patron in literary circles is, however, well known, for T.