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1. facsimile.
2. factor.
3. factory.
4. faculty.
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The FAC will also arrange a poetic sitting (Mehfil-e-Mushaira) on Monday evening to pay tributes to the freedom fighters of Jammu and Kashmir, she added.
FAC caters to borrowers seeking non-conventional, time-constrained lending solutions, as well as investors seeking middle-market investment opportunities.
While many organizations think that it may be better to wait to start an FAC (until the organization is larger, there are hundreds of franchisees or thousands of locations), the best time to start thinking about creating an FAC is right now.
Pictured above are the 2016-2017 FAC leadership: Dr.
The FAC meeting on May 31 recommended approvals for 12 out of 15 proposals it received for simple forest clearances, prospecting, renewal of leases or amendment to existing forest conditions, while declining none and sending back two proposals for more information.
All of FAC wishes Larry a rewarding retirement and is hopeful his new found freedom will bring him happiness and time for personal accomplishments he has earned.
Among other mitigation practices, the FAC Coalition recommends creating and maintaining effective defensible space around homes and businesses and using ignition-resistant construction techniques.
In this study, we develop a framework to assess an organization's level of sophistication in applying FAC and explore the role of FAC as an important element in the control system.
Marine v Curzon Ashton FAC 1st Qual Rd, 3pm PHIL BRAZIER'S Mariners have home advantage tomorrow against a side yet to drop a point in the division immediately below them.
QCI reported the incident to FAC, which in turn forwarded a claim to Ohio Casualty, the insurance carrier.
FAC discounting describes how investors move the unsustainable portion of a company's implicit government debt liability onto the company's balance sheet as probabilities of crisis-driven spending cuts and tax increases rise.
6) SOG immediately recognized the utility of teaming a senior SOG operator with an Air Force FAC.