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a Scot word for from
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Noun1.FAE - a device consisting of a container of fuel and two explosive charges; the first charge bursts open the fuel container at a predetermined height and spreads the fuel in a cloud that mixes with atmospheric oxygen; the second charge detonates the cloud which creates an enormous blast wave and incinerates whatever is below
explosive device - device that bursts with sudden violence from internal energy
aerosol bomb, fuel-air bomb, thermobaric bomb, vacuum bomb, volume-detonation bomb - a bomb that uses a fuel-air explosive; "a thermobaric bomb can create overpressures equal to an atomic bomb"
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Lumax will own the 51 percent of the joint venture company Lumax FAE Technologies Pvt.
La FAE en rajoute une louche en declarant que le potentiel hydrique conventionnel de la Tunisie, forme a 55% d'eaux de surface et a 45% de nappes d'eau souterraines, est deja en flux tendu.
A partir de la base de datos se identificaron 2092 mujeres entre 15-45 anos que tuvieran formulado al menos un FAE durante el periodo de estudio.
In fact, all of our members (and a few special guests) are invited to an open house that we will be hosting this fall so that you can see the great work that we are doing on your behalf at the NYSSCPA and the FAE.
escore maximo 10); b) FAE 2 de identificacao de rima (compartilhamento do som final no nivel intra-silabico): das tres figuras marque um X nas duas figuras que rimam ou terminam com o mesmo som (escore maximo 10); c) FAE 5 de identificacao de rima (compartilhamento do som final no nivel intrassilabico): das tres figuras, marque um X embaixo daquela que rima com a palavra falada (escore maximo 10); e d) FAE 6 de identificacao de aliteracao das palavras que compartilham o fonema inicial: coloque um X embaixo da figura que comeca com o mesmo som da palavra falada (escore maximo 10).
In July 2012 Faes Farma signed a licence agreement with Japanese sector player Taiho Pharmaceutical for the sale of Bilastine in Japan.
The objective of this study was to investigate fibrolytic activities profiles of FAE, AE, carboxymethyl cellulases, xylanase, avicelase and volatile fatty acids production of Neocallimastix sp.
No crescimento das plantulas de alface e tomate (Figura 1), evidenciaram-se os maiores efeitos inibitorios na FAE tanto da PA como da PS, porem a FAE da PS apresentou maior fitotoxicidade no crescimento das plantulas que a FAE da PA.
Several in vitro and ex vivo investigations addressed the mechanism of FAE action.