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or Fan·ti  (făn′tē, fän′-)
n. pl. Fante or Fanti also Fan·tes or Fan·tis
1. A member of a people inhabiting Ghana.
2. The variety of Akan spoken by this people.


(fan′tē, fän′-)

n., pl. -tes (esp. collectively) -te.
1. member of an African people of coastal Ghana
2. the group of Akan dialects spoken by the Fante.
References in classic literature ?
All this, and yet the men who heard the first feeble cry of the in- fant telephone are still alive, and not by any means old.
Then, they passed up Lock again and filled a need by drafting Fant, who provides veteran QB Joe Flacco with an athletic pass-catcher.
Fant and the accomplished leadership team that is being assembled to serve the students, faculty, staff, and other constituents of NGU," said Duncan, in the release.
Segun el analisis realizado por Fant (2006) sobre la base de un corpus que contenia cuatro conversaciones grabadas en la Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile y dos conversaciones en la Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina, se le atribuyo a digo la funcion de marcador preformulativo del verbo decir con efecto prospectivo, es decir, introduciendo una informacion:
Winston Fant, in this newly created role reporting to head of CRE Al Brooks, will be responsible for CRE's Treasury Services strategy.
en cgMmew "And, if at the end of my career I only got to coach Mainz, Dortmund and Liverpool, then it will certainly have been three fantastic clubs." MATCH PREVIEW: PAGES 42,43 | Jurgen Klopp says he'll retire before age of 60 ha fant MAT P
(Fant) LaViolette; a daughter, Brianna LaViolette of South Grafton; seven brothers, Francis B.
Rachel Fant, SC, USN, completed 25 years of active service and retired Nov.
Mandeep Bains, community grants o"cer, said: "is is a fant | astic opportunity for anyone with a community group to get a boost to their 'nances.
ar ng i1 hl hdhb t aey1 ca after strin carri and Th legal by th Lond Th has "fant ahea He every last The former celebrity agent branded his accusers "fantasists" and was defiant ahead of his sentencing.
Given the link between bacteriuria and UTIs, the association between infections in pregnancy and preterm delivery, and the contribution of premature birth and increased risk of in fant death, we have devoted this Master Class to a discussion of screening, prevention methods, and treatment strategies recommended for pyelonephritis in pregnancy.