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n.1.A fall or falling band.
These laces, ribbons, and these faules.
- Herrick.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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PROVING OUR MEDAL Deirdre Faul & teammate John Moran
SuperSport Park is privileged to honour her," Faul added.
Fr Faul, a school teacher and chaplain in Long Kesh prison, said the rumour was that two of the gang - Jim Lynagh, a councillor in Monaghan, and McKearney - "had threatened to execute Adams shortly before the Loughgall event".
AFILIACAO: Universidade de Lisboa; Faculdade de Arquitectura (FAUL); Centro de Investigacao em Arquitectura, Urbanismo e Design (CIAUD).
Faul speaks with the authority that comes from years spent in the field.
** LEA, Elizabeth (text) Liz Faul (illus.) Aussie Animal Opposites NLA, 2013 unpaged $14.99 bdbk ISBN 9780642277664 SCIS 1595292
Jacques Faul, the acting chief executive of Cricket South Africa, took the unusual step of distancing the organisation from negative media comments about the quality of a New Zealand side ranked eighth in Test and T20 cricket and ninth in one - day internationals.
"This is absolute rubbish," CSA's acting chief executive Jacques Faul said in a statement on Monday.
A browser extension called "no politics please" at http://www.noppl.com/ is designed to work to filter out unwanted content on Facebook, says creator Kevin Faul.
The best original speciality drink winner was Faul Gonzalez, who was also very excited about having his signature drink representing the country.
CSA acting chief executive Jacques Faul said: "As much as we would like to help another cricket country, it is not going to be possible.