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a. & adv.1.compar. of Fer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A boutique hotel featuring a stylishly modern and minimalist design, Ferra Hotel Boracay is the choice host of travelers looking for that perfect island vacation.
The Ferra Hotel is at the heart of the absolute best that Boracay has to offer, with just a four-minute walk to Bulabog Beach to the east, and a six-minute walk to the main white-sand Boracay beach to the west.
Northrop Grumman's engagement with Mincham Aviation and Ferra Engineering were facilitated through the Australian Department of Defence's Global Supply Chain program.
Caption: Ferra Designs, a precision metal fabrication facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation is among the companies taking part in the first ever Factory Friday at the 12th Annual Open House New York Weekend.
Mohamed Al-Hassan Imam a affirme que les quantites des medicaments, de consommation et de cosmetiques est plus grande de celle-ci d'usage personnel.Il a souligne que les quantites commerciales importees sans permis officiel seront confisquees par les autorites competentes ce qui ferra des dommages a l'importeur.FinNegod/Seif
As a landlord, the Yard is very supportive, said Rob Ferraroni of Ferra Designs, which is launching a separate design studio this year, named after the Yard building it is in, 50A.
Based in the firm's New York office, Ferra will focus on the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and specialty pharmaceutical industries.
Another track that the singer is proud of is the Portuguese song 'Ferra'.
Vu l'importance du sujet, l'eau ferra l'objet de nombre d'activites, y compris l'activite de la journee d'une goutte d'eau ou celle de la surveillance de l'eau, durant laquelle les eleves apporterons des echantillons d'eau saines et les analyser pour confirmer sa salubrite.