Federal Home Loan Bank System

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Noun1.Federal Home Loan Bank System - the central credit system for thrift institutions
financial institution, financial organisation, financial organization - an institution (public or private) that collects funds (from the public or other institutions) and invests them in financial assets
Home Loan Bank - one of 11 regional banks that monitor and make short-term credit advances to thrift institutions in their region
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To understand the options for FHLB members, one can compare the FHLB mortgage programs with the cash programs offered by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
On January 9, 1997, the FI{LB of Chicago received approval from the Federal Housing Finance Board to operate a pilot program for a new initiative, the Mortgage Partnership Finance Program, which allowed the Chicago bank to engage in a new activity, directly purchasing mortgages from FHLB members.
83-68 no longer represented the IRS's position on member banks receiving stock dividends from an FHLB. The Service ruled that, except in the case of an FHLB, it would continue to apply the principles underlying Rev.
The FHLB paid its stockholders a cash dividend on December 20, 2018 at a 6.00 percent annualized rate, which is 3.37 percentage points above the fourth quarter average 3-month LIBOR.
FHLB Dallas' PGP awards provide 3:1 matches of member contributions to provide grants up to $12,000 that help promote and strengthen relationships between community-based organizations and FHLB Dallas members.
Puentes New Orleans has joined with representatives from Home Bank and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) to award USD 6,000 in Partnership Grant Program (PGP) funds to the nonprofit, dedicated to helping Latinos in New Orleans, the company said.
Commercial banks' prominence as members of the FHLB system and their increased use of FHLB advances for funding is not surprising.
The FHLB is a AA+ rated wholesale cooperative bank owned by 652 member financial institutions.
Available only through FHLB Dallas members, the grant program is a source of immediate funds to provide assistance to households in FHLB Dallas' member communities that have been declared disaster areas eligible for individual assistance by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
FHLB Dallas annually returns 10 percent of its profits in the form of AHP grants to the communities served by its member institutions.
Through this unique grant program, FHLB Dallas member institutions contribute $500 up to $4,000 to a CBO, which FHLB Dallas matches at a 3:1 ratio to provide the CBO up to $12,000 in grant money.
Allegiance Bank and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) has announced USD 382,000 in disaster recovery grants to assist 32 Houston homeowners, seven businesses and three community groups with recovery efforts in response to damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, the company said.