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1. fiction.
2. fictitious
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Parents who agreed to participate in the study had 15 days to answer to the questionnaire and to return it with the FICT signed as required.
Students were approached in the classrooms and were asked to sign the FICT. Besides their names and signatures, students had to inform their e-mails, so that they could receive the questionnaire.
(MED) without having to pay for an apartment or upkeep 'You will have money in your pocket at the end of the month, without having to pay for an apartment or upkeep.' (17) Moisa suda uhes vastavate hoonete ja manor.GEN heart with corresponding:PL.GEN building:PL.GEN and elumajaga saa-b kinnista-tud teie taielikuks residence:COM SAA-3SG register-PST.IMPS.PTCP you.GEN full:TRL omanduseks (FICT) property:TRL 'The heart of the manor, together with the corresponding buildings and residence, will be registered as your property in full' One distinguishing feature of the 1930s material in comparison with other periods and text types is the prominence of passive constructions in print media texts (18).
"A raiz do termo e latina, e tem como radical fict. Sua forma verbal, fingere, e bastante sugestiva: significa modelar, criar, inventar.
Nevertheless, i always going to t certain amount o really get to then inbreeding notion heart of the What's more going to tak serious tal the vernac depravity behind the seaside to terminal Unsw gifted noir (contr late fict Ern Unsworth, an unusually gifted writer of heartfelt noir (if that's not a contradiction), has set her latest thriller in the fictional town of Ernemouth.
Fict ction RAGNAROK: THE END OF THE GODS by AS Byatt (Canongate Books) pounds 14.99 FROM the Man Booker Prizewinning author of Possession and The Children's Book comes an astounding reinvention of the climactic events of Norse mythology.
Vseobecne se da fict, ze jejich cinnost byla vyrazne ovlivnena spise taktickymi, nez operacnimi faktory.
* Amazon .com #3 Best Science Fict ion & Fantasy Book of 2010
The Pulp Fict ion star conf irmed he and actress Kelly Preston, 47, had been trying for a baby since Jett, 16, died while on holiday in the Bahamas in 2009.