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n.1.A stranger.
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Tole ole Ham to watch me, too--servants spyin' on me--whuzyer think that, my fren'?
Say, my fren', whatcha say--willye come home an' see me, an' hassome supper?
Great fren's with the men, guv'ner--labor an' capital, commun'ty 'f int'rests, an' all that--hic!
Well, well--hello there, whuzzamatter?" (The dog was snarling at Jurgis.) "Why, Dewey--this' my fren', Mr.
Air Fren is also eager to reach out to professionals in the commercial vehicle sector, and will present its 2019 portfolio of air brake systems for trucks, trailers, and buses.
Fren and GAMBLING WISDOM "I bet you PS356 you couldn't guess the exact amount of money I currently owe my bookie" J.P Shaw
CAaAaAeA@sar Domboy, 26, will play an older version of the Fren boy, previously played by 15-year-old Romann Berrux.
French riot police move in, left, amid rooftop protests, above, as demolition of the migrant camp known as the Jungle resumes in Calais yesterday Fren h ch riot poli lice move in
Workers said the dispute was sparked after union TE-rk Metal last month negotiated a 60 percent wage hike for workers at a plant run by parts maker Bosch Fren, but failed to secure a similar deal elsewhere.
Felly mae un yn gwisgo i fyny fel wiwer, un arall fel carw, a'r lleill yn fren, yn dwrch ac yn llyffant.