Fabulous age

that period in the history of a nation of which the only accounts are myths and unverified legends; as, the fabulous age of Greece and Rome.

See also: Fabulous

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(Tel: T 02476 23343) TONEY Bert (Herbert Arthur) Fell asleep Wednesday 12th November 2014 at the fabulous age of 100 years and 8 months.
"Turn Again Theatre are so lucky to have a live rock band - and not just any rock band - but two members of the fabulous Age of Paranoia!
It's a fabulous age because the students are so open to what the teacher asks and they really try to make the teacher happy.
Five is a fabulous age when it comes to getting excited about Christmas.
"And, also, it was the opportunity to work with this group of women who have such a fabulous age span.
According to the publisher's announcement, this book is the first full military history of the Trojan War, a striking claim for a topic that was long thought to belong to a "fabulous age of Greece which must have no place in history" (2) and continues to provoke furor.
Join us as we enter the new fabulous age of air travel."
We have got two fabulous age grade teams in our U18s and U20s, some players with really great potential, and now we are going into a competition phase so they will really be able to test themselves.