Face joint

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(Arch.) a joint in the face of a wall or other structure.

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In our country, a large number of people face joint problems, which cause them to withdraw from daily life activities.
Detectives are hunting for them to face joint charges of conspiring to steal Sh122,335,500 from the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology.
He said both countries face joint threats and challenges, noting that the visit, which reflects the distinguished bilateral ties, will provide an opportunity to further strengthen cooperation, exchange views, and work within a holistic approach to counter terrorism.
He pointed out the need to find effective mechanisms to remove all obstacles that may face joint economic cooperation and launch new initiatives that achieve further progress in Egyptian-Saudi relations in all fields.
As we believe that the Arab national security is an integral and indivisible system, we have presented to you an initiative to deal with the challenges facing the Arab countries, titled "Enhancing Arab National Security to Face Joint Challenges", stressing the importance of developing the Arab League and its system.
He underlined the importance of continuing dialogue to face joint challenges and holding periodical meetings between the two countries on time to put into effect what was agreed upon.
Europe and Lebanon face joint challenges both with respect to terrorism and with respect to migration, and efficient border management is crucial for a responsible handling of both.
The forum aimed at exploring the views of experts and regional leaders on the contribution of the science and technology sector in the regional decision-making process to face joint challenges.
He mentioned that US Secretary of State John Kerry's recent visit to Russia, during which he held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Sochi resort, showed Washington's approach to end tensions with Moscow and cooperate on building bridges in order to face joint challenges, particularly terrorism.
This poor and regretful state of relations comes at a time in which Europe and Israel increasingly face joint threats and share critical strategic interests.
Dubai: Al Fateh's first-ever AFC Champions League campaign has not gone to plan, with the Saudi champions the only team yet to score in this year's tournament, and they occupy last place in Group B with a tough trip to face joint leaders Al Jaish in Doha on Tuesday.