Face plate

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(Turning) A plate attached to the spindle of a lathe, to which the work to be turned may be attached.
A covering plate for an object, to receive wear or shock.
A true plane for testing a dressed surface.

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As well as showing off his physique in the figure hugging costume, Will also wore a full face mask complete with metal face plate and a scope sight to help him target his victims for the DC comics adaptation.
The high-impact face plate is recessed into the foam to prevent contact with the vehicle, thus preventing scratching.
The LPR-36 is easy to install over single-and double-gang boxes and on commercial bollards, and has only two mounting screws that can be accessed without removing the face plate.
The ULVAC logo and model name is made easier to see and the label outline is made clearer in order to create a face plate that conveys a feeling of security and reliability.
VisuALIF is the first modular lumbar interbody device with an open-face allowing in situ graft placement, tactile feedback with face plate attachment and device placement flush with the anterior aspect of the vertebrae, SpineSmith added.
By design, fiber optic based digital integration provides simple face plate swap out upgrades that protect ROI investment dollars.
The Mill-Max part family 0990-0 and 0990-1 through -4 and 0997-0 through -9 are discrete SLCs featuring a large base utilized for either increased PCB stability or assembly in non-PCB applications such as a face plate.
The "Drawers of Distinction" eliminate the need for a face plate thereby making the drawer front an effective display element, Witmer says.
Your avionics shop will remove the face plate, install the plastic cover and put everything back together,
5 Use a pencil to mark round the fore end and face plate of the lock while it is in the rectangular hole.
They stole the Sony UV50 sat nav device, its cradle and charger, the front face plate of a Goodmans CD player and a pounds 15 stanley knife which the motorist used to fit carpets.