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or face-palm (fās′päm′)
n. Informal
1. The act of putting one's hand over one's face, as in embarrassment or dismay.
2. A situation or event evoking such embarrassment or dismay.

face′palm′, face′-palm′ v.
het gezicht in de handen verbergen
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He was on the bench and posted a series of facepalm emojis and the word 'tranquilo' - which means calm.
Ross Douthat, the most conservative of The New York Times' regular columnists, suggested using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office for being "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office"--and that was a month filled with facepalm moments ago.
44 of the beta now offers a range of different emojis such as clowns, facepalm, shrugs and more.
From a fox taking a nosedive in snow to some seemingly headless preening penguins and a meerkat who looks like he's doing a facepalm, they are among the 40 images shortlisted for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.
Inverdale's memory-lapse when it came to Venus and Serena's four golds each was a facepalm moment.
Now every WhatsApp message we send can be enhanced by the symbol for a facepalm, a Pinocchio liar nose Maisie: Tea emoji and bacon:.
20pm) Gee whizz ITV, you've really given me some total facepalm moments recently with your weekend "entertainment" - it all started with Dancing on Ice really and descended to Get Your Act Together and Off Their Rockers.
It's arguably not even surprising, and not just because of the bid headquarters being based in the former One Up premises (a faux pas worthy of a facepalm if ever there was).
Naturally there will be celebrity guest driving a lap in the Reasonably Priced Car, while plenty of laughs and facepalm moments are provided as standard.
Have you ever wanted to do an epic facepalm whenever you read about a new scheme/plan of the government and their sole basis for doing so is "suboklang"?