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n.1.The material of the outside or front side, as of a wall or building; facing.
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Facework strategies, including apologies and thanks, function to reduce or repair the threat caused by favor asking, but their specific effects are different.
facework is (and must be) a cooperative venture" (p.
Instructors should be prepared with facework strategies in both situations, by supporting students after using red or by facilitating one's own reputation of kindness after using green.
An analysis of the relationships among face concerns and facework behaviors in perceived conflict situations: a four-culture investigation.
never wake except to another straight face to midtown facework good
A multimodal analysis of facework strategies in a corpus of charity ads on British television.
other oriented face-saving); and (d) subsequently, face concerns influence the use of various facework and conflict strategies in intergroup and interpersonal encounters" (Oetzel et Toomey, 2003, 600).
With regard to Locher's own approach, her rationale for coining the term "relational work" instead of "facework" is that the latter is often associated with Brown and Levinson's theories (1987) on politeness and that since then facework has "been reduced to referring to mitigating behaviour only," whereas relational work "refers to the entire gamut of interpersonal effects" (45).
2011 A facework system of minimal politeness: Oral Argument in Appellate Court.
Sustaining the Desire to Learn: Dimensions of Perceived Instructional Facework Related to Student Involvement and Motivation to Learn.
Slipperiness, evasion, and ambiguity': Equivocation and facework in noncommittal political discourse.
A major part of this structure was constructed of high quality architectural concrete since the design specified that all balustrades, supports, and walls that are visible from the outside through the glass facades and patio must display superior quality facework.