Facial Color

Facial Color



  1. A face like a raw steak —John Dos Passos
  2. An extremely florid face, as if his blood pressure was about to pop —Peter Meinke
  3. A bluish pallor had spread like a shadow over his face —Walter De La Mare
  4. Carried a ruddy stain on either cheek, like a ripe apple —Robert Louis Stevenson
  5. Cheeks and bunchy lips as red as they would have been if she had fallen into a pot of jam —Frank Swinnerton
  6. Coloring as natural as a bird’s egg or a leaf —Frank Tuohy
  7. Coloring … so like the bloom of a ripe fruit, that nature in her seemed to have rivalled art —Italo Svevo
  8. The color spread across his face like a bush fire —Mike Fredman
  9. Face … a curious, flat color, like the inside of a raw potato —Susan Hill
  10. A face as white and almost as smooth as a bar of soap —Scott Spencer
  11. Face dark with furious blood, dark as a plum —Guy Vanderhaeghe

    A variation by Gloria Norris: “Face … turned purple as a plum.”

  12. Face … dull red, as if baked by the heat of blazing towns —Stephen French Whitman
  13. Face glows, spotty, like there’s a tiny pink bulb burning behind each cheek —Sharon Sheehe Stark
  14. (Marley’s) face … had a dismal light about it, like a bad lobster in a dark cellar —Charles Dickens
  15. Face like a lobster —Robert Louis Stevenson
  16. Face like a raw side of beef —Robert Campbell
  17. Face … like a strawberry —Mary Hedin

    In Hedin’s short story, The Secret, the woman with the strawberry-like face had been bending over a stove.

  18. (Passion has made his) face like pale ivory —Oscar Wilde
  19. Face pale and lined like a map —Hugh Walpole
  20. Face … pale as death and far more ghastly —Nathaniel Hawthorne
  21. A face … puffy and sallow, the color of old piano keys —William Boyd

    In the novel, An Ice-Cream War, the author continues as follows: “As if he were just recovering from an illness or about to be seriously afflicted by one.”

  22. Face..red as a parrot’s —Dame Edith Sitwell
  23. Face … ruddy, flushed with blood, like a slaughterer’s —Isaac Bashevis Singer
  24. Face shone red as a cock’s comb —Rita Mae Brown
  25. Faces red as steak —Sharon Olds
  26. Faces stained by the cool night like wine —Dame Edith Sitwell
  27. Faces white like paste —Hugh Walpole
  28. Face the color and texture of kangaroo hide —Frank Ross
  29. Face … the color of cat’s meat —James Thurber
  30. Face turned to a dull white, like bread dough —Anon
  31. Face went gray, like the mortar in the trough —Henry Van Dyke
  32. Face yellow like ancient paper —Arthur A. Cohen
  33. Great blushing face, like a Dutch cheese —Jilly Cooper
  34. Her color had been pared away, like you pare an apple —Donald McCaig
  35. Her color was high, as though she had been sitting near a fire —Geoffrey Wolff
  36. Her face was … white-powdered like a marshmallow —Frank Tuohy
  37. A medium dark face, like antique gold under a black light —Loren D. Estleman
  38. Tanned as a hound’s tooth —Robert Traver
  39. Two spots of rouge like paper discs pasted on her cheekbones —William Faulkner
  40. Unnaturally red cheeks like varnished apples —Edith Wharton
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The tool pairs facial color tone with individual shade, coverage and finish preference to deliver foundation shade matches with precision.
The carotenoid beta-carotene enhances facial color, attractiveness and perceived health, but not actual health, in humans.
Efficient filtering is accomplished by means of sparse region scanning based on the facial color density in a given region.
proposed one such method to conduct the color compensation of a facial image based on the analysis of facial color [13] rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Hair chalks blend makeup with temporary colorants, primers now extend to pre-styling treatments and CC creams have moved beyond facial color cosmetics into nail care, lipsticks and even hair care.
Other physiological processes which cause these changes are the facial color, the piloerection, the facial expressions, and additional signs of emotion [9].
The robot expresses its emotion using its eyebrows, lips, jaw, facial color, and voice.
Ishihara said Tuesday, ''The annexation was made with an agreement of the nations worldwide as by consensus, (the Korean people) had to choose between Russia, 'Shina' or Japan, and they decided to seek help from (Japanese), who had the same facial color as their own.''
"People are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to facial color cosmetics and are paying more attention to what goes into the product.
Associations of quantified facial color with blood test parameters, health status, and TEAM patterns have also been widely investigated [14,16-19].
Ishihara said Tuesday, ''The annexation was made with an agreement of the nations worldwide and (the Korean people) had to choose between Russia, Shina or Japan, and they decided to seek help from (the Japanese), who had the same facial color as their own.''