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 (fā′shē-ēz′, -shēz)
n. pl. facies
1. Biology The general aspect or outward appearance, as of a given growth of flora.
2. Medicine The appearance or expression of the face, especially when typical of a certain disorder or disease.
3. Geology A rock or stratified body distinguished from others by its appearance or composition.

[Latin faciēs; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]
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n, pl -cies
1. (Biology) the general form and appearance of an individual or a group of plants or animals
2. (Geological Science) the characteristics of a rock or series of rocks reflecting their appearance, composition, and conditions of formation
3. (Medicine) med the general facial expression of a patient, esp when typical of a specific disease or disorder. See Hippocratic facies
[C17: from Latin: appearance, face]
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(ˈfeɪ ʃiˌiz, -ʃiz)

n., pl. fa•ci•es.
1. general appearance, as of an animal or vegetable group.
2. the appearance and characteristics of a rock formation, esp. as differentiated from contiguous deposits.
3. a facial expression characteristic of a pathological condition.
4. a distinctive phase of a prehistoric cultural tradition.
[1680–1690; < Latin: form, figure, appearance, face, akin to facere to make]
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Features of the appearance or composition of a rock representing a local environment.
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There are, it seems to me, prima facie different kinds of causal laws, one belonging to physics and the other to psychology.
This put me a little out, but I began to make other inquiries in regard to his astronomical knowledge, when a member of the company, who had never as yet opened his mouth, whispered in my ear, that for information on this head, I had better consult Ptolemy (whoever Ptolemy is), as well as one Plutarch de facie lunae.
The inquiry report concluded that by making these claims, High-Tech Blending was prima facie violating Section 10 of the Competition Act by disseminating false and misleading information to consumers and harm the business interest of its competitors including the complainant.
Should a prima facie case be established, Najib will be ordered to enter his defence on the corruption charges levelled against him and may also call his own set of witnesses to the stand.
"The complaint prima facie discloses cognizable offences under section 420 of IPC and 66D of IT Act, 2000.
'And, indeed, even without any input from the accused persons, it is the duty of the court to determine whether at the close of the case for prosecution, sufficient evidence has been adduced to justify proceeding beyond this stage, or the trial being halted because a prima facie case has not been established,' he said.
We agree with the Supreme Court's determination that the plaintiff established its prima facie entitlement to judgment as a matter of law on that branch of its motion which was for summary judgment on so much of the complaint, as, in effect, sought a determination that the amount of the benefits sought by the defendant was not in accordance with the workers' compensation fee schedule.
He argued that the bureau must, at least, prima facie establish that there is some nexus between ill-gotten money amassed through corruption or abuse of power with the assets of his client.
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It carries grave error in holding that a prima facie case has been established against the appellant,' held the court.
The inquiry report said that by making these claims, Options International had, prima facie, violated Section 10 of the Competition Act by disseminating false and misleading information to deceive consumers and harm the business interest of the complainant.