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 (fā′shē-ēz′, -shēz)
n. pl. facies
1. Biology The general aspect or outward appearance, as of a given growth of flora.
2. Medicine The appearance or expression of the face, especially when typical of a certain disorder or disease.
3. Geology A rock or stratified body distinguished from others by its appearance or composition.

[Latin faciēs; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -cies
1. (Biology) the general form and appearance of an individual or a group of plants or animals
2. (Geological Science) the characteristics of a rock or series of rocks reflecting their appearance, composition, and conditions of formation
3. (Medicine) med the general facial expression of a patient, esp when typical of a specific disease or disorder. See Hippocratic facies
[C17: from Latin: appearance, face]


(ˈfeɪ ʃiˌiz, -ʃiz)

n., pl. fa•ci•es.
1. general appearance, as of an animal or vegetable group.
2. the appearance and characteristics of a rock formation, esp. as differentiated from contiguous deposits.
3. a facial expression characteristic of a pathological condition.
4. a distinctive phase of a prehistoric cultural tradition.
[1680–1690; < Latin: form, figure, appearance, face, akin to facere to make]


Features of the appearance or composition of a rock representing a local environment.
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