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Noun1.factor V - a coagulation factorfactor V - a coagulation factor      
clotting factor, coagulation factor - any of the factors in the blood whose actions are essential for blood coagulation
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The differential diagnosis includes dysfibrinogenemia, prothrombin deficiency, factor V deficiency, combined deficiency of factors V and VIII (F5F8D), factor X deficiency, and hereditary combined deficiency of the vitamin K-dependent clotting factors.
Among the 273 coagulation factor deficiency patients, factor VIII deficiency was in 121 (44.3%), factor IX deficiency in 32 (11.7%), factor V deficiency in 18 (6.6%), factor XIII deficiency in 15 (5.5%), factor VII deficiency in 12 (4.4%), factor X deficiency in 9 (3.3%), factor I deficiency in 8 (2.9%) and factor II deficiency was in 3 (1.1%).