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Noun1.factor VII - a coagulation factor formed in the kidney under the influence of vitamin K
clotting factor, coagulation factor - any of the factors in the blood whose actions are essential for blood coagulation
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Klamroth and Pipe will discuss the current treatment landscape and unmet medical needs for treating individuals with hemophilia A and B, Factor VII deficiency and other bleeding disorders and the need for a subcutaneous therapies to treat bleeding.
Acquired factor VII deficiency in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients.
Deficiencies of any of the above-mentioned factors are rare, of which factor VII deficiency is the most common autosomal recessive coagulation disorder (frequency 1:500 000) and prothrombin deficiency the rarest (1:2 000 000).
The scientists said the additional breeds had mutations for the bleeding disorder Factor VII Deficiency; hyperuricosuria, which is elevated levels of uric acid in the urine, lens luxation, von Willebrand's disease, multifocal retinopathy, multidrug resistance and rod-cone dysplasia, a form of retinal degeneration.
Factor VII deficiency affects PT most sensitively, whereas factor II (prothrombin) and fibrinogen deficiencies exhibit least effects.
If this is the case, it could be indicative of Congenital Factor VII deficiency or coronary heart disease.
Inherited factor VII deficiency is a rare congenital coagulation disorder with autosomal recessive inheritance.
In 20% (n=12) of the patients, a bleeding disorder was detected (1 case of type 3 von Willebrand disease, 2 patients with low VWF:Ag, 1 case of probable von Willebrand disease, 3 cases of Bernard-Soulier syndrome, 2 cases of Glanzmann thrombasthenia, 2 cases of immune thrombocytopenic purpura, 1 case of congenital factor VII deficiency).