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A city of north-central Italy southwest of Ravenna. Richly colored pottery has been produced here since the 1100s.


(Italian faˈɛntsa)
(Placename) a city in N Italy, in Emilia-Romagna: famous in the 15th and 16th centuries for its majolica earthenware, esp faïence. Pop: 53 641 (2001)


(fɑˈɛn zə, -ˈɛnt sə)

a city in N Italy, SE of Bologna. 55,612.
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The king, however, having acquired Lombardy, regained at once the authority which Charles had lost: Genoa yielded; the Florentines became his friends; the Marquess of Mantua, the Duke of Ferrara, the Bentivogli, my lady of Forli, the Lords of Faenza, of Pesaro, of Rimini, of Camerino, of Piombino, the Lucchese, the Pisans, the Sienese--everybody made advances to him to become his friend.
Vassos Dimitriou studied at the Instituto d'Arte per la Ceramica in Faenza, Italy, from 1978 to 1981.
From June 11-13, 2019 Prati invited customers, partners and suppliers to its Hybrid Technology Experience event in Faenza, Italy, to discuss innovation in the label industry, as well as provide a forum to showcase Prati equipment and technology.
Azerbaijani freestyle wrestler Sabir Jafarov (60 kg) has won the gold medal at the Cadet European Championships in Italian city of Faenza.
A telegram sent to his mother on March 23 reported that William was 'dangerously ill' at the Military Hospital in Faenza, Italy with suspected dysentery.
Ballardini in Faenza. Among her teachers there were illustrious names of the artistic, technological and historical research in the field of ceramics: Bucci, Liverani, Biancini, Emiliani.
Los jesuitas del Paraguay despues de un largo y cansador viaje de 14 meses, donde murieron varios ancianos, arribaron a su destino en la ciudad de Faenza, excepto los extranjeros que volvieron a sus paises.
The events included paratroopers show by Qatar's Joint Armed Forces, a thrilling Drones show and the Qatari flag hoisting at Katara's Amphitheatre as well as a dazzling show held by the renowned Italian troupe, Faenza Ravenna.
The scheduled events included a paratrooper show by the Joint Special Forces and a 'drone show' at the Katara Esplanade, while the Qatari flag was seen flying high at Katara's Amphitheatre during a show by the renowned troupe, Faenza Ravenna.
Tomaso da Faenza. Rime: Edizione critica con commento a cura di Fabio Sangiovanni.