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 (fäv′nər, -nîr′)
n. Norse Mythology
The dragon that guarded the treasure of the Nibelungs and was slain by Sigurd.


(ˈfæfnɪə; ˈfæv-)
(Norse Myth & Legend) Norse myth the son of Hreidmar, whom he killed to gain the cursed treasure of Andvari. He became a dragon and was slain by Sigurd while guarding the treasure


(ˈfɑv nɪr, ˈfɔv-)

a dragon of Norse myth who guards a hoard of gold.
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Noun1.Fafnir - (Norse mythology) the Norse dragon that guarded a treasure and was slain by Sigurd
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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Its product and services portfolio features brands such as Timken, Fafnir, Philadelphia Gear, Groeneveld, Rollon and Cone Drive.
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Ferrero says its name is a "reference to Norse mythology, which says that the dragon Fafnir was the guardian of the cursed ring forged by the Nibelung, the ring that brought misfortune to the knight Siegfried." Unfortunately, this compact asterism is not a good target for small telescopes.
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Cal's friends including Tara, Fafnir the dwarf, Fabrice, shape-shifter Sparrow, Robin, and their familiars set out to prove Cal innocent and release him from jail with the help of the blue gnomes.