fair market price

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fair′ mar′ket price`

the price at which both a seller and a buyer are willing to do business.
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Hosting certified local farmers, the Farmers' Market is a true traditional market that promotes healthy living in the community by providing qualityfresh fruitsandvegetables, dairy, and other produce such ashoney, oils, and beans in addition to homemade jams, pickles and olives, at fair market prices.
Tripdunia was launched in the month of September 2017 and in the mid-of-November introduced its dedicated online booking facility focusing the Indian customers to provide real fair market prices for their flight booking itinerary.
The Head of Government noted the importance of social support for Ukrainian citizens provided for reimbursement for the cost of housing and utility services in order to protect each Ukrainian family after fair market prices for gas had been introduced and the heating season commenced in the country.
The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has launched an anti-dumping investigation into imports of Korean automotive batteries to look into whether their prices were set below fair market prices, a Seoul-based trade promotion agency said Wednesday.
The challenge for Kendall is to ensure the government is being charged fair market prices for commercial products without necessarily subjecting vendors to intrusive audits and costly red tape.
Schneebeli said a good trick to get the coins at fair market prices is to head to the Gold Souq.
The travellers visiting major US tourist destinations like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco can pre-book their car rental at fair market prices from Travelauto.
The board also determined that the volumes of natural gas proposed to be exported are not likely to cause Canadians difficulty in meeting their energy requirements at fair market prices.
At the same time, some large owners of industrial property claim they cannot lease their vast industrial spaces at fair market prices.
The committee also determines the fair market prices to be paid for these items.
Unfortunately Gustus was hit with a mighty one-two punch: a national oil glut lowered fair market prices and intensified consumer energy conservation efforts.