Fair maid

(Zool.) The European pilchard (Clupea pilchardus) when dried.
The southern scup (Stenotomus Gardeni).
(Zool.) See under Fair, a.

See also: Fair, Fair, Maid

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
An illustration of this chapter may be read in The Fair Maid of Perth, by Sir Walter Scott; The King's Tragedy (poetry), by D.
``To thyself, fair maid,'' answered De Bracy, in his former tone ``to thine own charms be ascribed whate'er I have done which passed the respect due to her, whom I have chosen queen of my heart, and loadstar of my eyes.''
We have to confess, to the disgrace of our hero and of floriculture, that of his two affections he felt most strongly inclined to regret the loss of Rosa; and when, at about three in the morning, he fell asleep overcome with fatigue, and harassed with remorse, the grand black tulip yielded precedence in his dreams to the sweet blue eyes of the fair maid of Friesland.
"A fair maid, that," he said smilingly, "and one more worthy the golden arrow than the Sheriff's haughty miss."
Knocking at the jade door At the western gate of the golden house, he bids A fair maid breathe his name to one more fair Than all.
When that is off we shall see how he regards the fair maid whose heart he cannot win, though her stern father bestows her hand," returned the troubadour.
Inevitably, therefore, he is careless and slipshod, but some of his portrayals of sturdy English men and women and of romantic adventure (as in 'The Fair Maid of the West') are of refreshing naturalness and breeziness.
Quoth he, "Whither away, fair maids?" And he stood in their path, holding his staff in front of them, to stop them.
ATLANTA ABLAZE (3.15) can burn her rivals away in the Fair Maid Of Perth Mares' Chase on the final day of the Festival.
Goodman, Anthony, Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent: A Fourteenth-Century Princess and Her World, Woodbridge, Boydell Press, 2017; hardback; pp.
Same Circus has won two handicaps in likeable fashion and can take the step up to Listed company in her stride in the TBA Fair Maid Of Perth Novices' Chase at the Scottish venue for trainer Donald McCain.

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