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A petroleum-based synthetic fabric designed to resemble leather.

[Blend of plastic and leather.]
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(Clothing & Fashion) a synthetic leather
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Now that she mentioned it, I started reminiscing about our cat, who when not sleeping the whole day on my favourite sofa chair, or scratching up my ergonomic fake leather office chair, would sometimes bring food offerings for us for being good humans who pandered to its every demand, drop it in front of us and amble away.
hot pleather warning I SNAPPED myself up a new pair of pleather (that's fake leather, also known as PU) track pants this week.
On reporting to the corporal on duty, he looked at my suit as if he'd just discovered a tab butt in his can of Watney's pale ale and sneered in disgust: "*** me , it's Reggie Perrin!" And when he heard my accent,he screamed: "I ***n' hate Geordies!" So my first hour in the Army was spent doubling around a drill square dressed in an M&S suit with my BHS fake leather suitcase over my head as a psychotic cage fighter screamed: "Run, Reggie, you Geordie ***", every time I passed his window.
Fake leather covers our sofas, our fireplaces are warmed by fake fires, our window sills decorated with fake pot plants.
This is despite sector-wide protests that Kenya was exporting jobs, revenues as well as allowing unscrupulous shoe and bag makers to sell good looking products marked genuine' leather products."We have capacity to provide Kenyans with 40 million pairs of shoes annually but lowly priced cheap fake leather products have proliferated the entire market making Kenya a dumping ground for fake products that wear out quickly once they are bought," said Kariokor Cobblers Association spokesman Peter Kitheka.
New Delhi With finest mimics of leather available in the market, it is difficult to recognise the original one and people often end up paying high for fake leather. Experts have some tricks to identify whether the product is made of original leather or not.
Her handbag, made of fake leather with gold clasps, was found dumped a few hundred metres away, at the junction of Moore Street and Normanton Road.
The green fake leather bag was dumped nearby in Normanton, Derby.
Thousands of fake leather products, including shoes and bags under the names of major brands, were seized from an apartment in the Capital.
"You couldn't miss us walking down Llandudno promenade as we had fake leather jackets, drainpipes and winkle pickers and Lemmy had painted a large eagle on the back of each of our jackets."