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 (făl′sēz′, fôl′-)
Plural of falx.
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San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputy Lawrence Falce was taken off life support two days later following the attack and he succumbed to his injuries.
The authors Jefferson Lopes La Falce, Kely Cesar Martins De Paiva, Cristiana Fernandes de Muylder, and Marta Maria dos Santos Morais wrote "Organizational commitment: a longitudinal study in a public higher education organization" in which research was descriptive with a methodological triangulation using a case study.
Jimenez explica que el amparo indirecto que se promovio a traves del despacho Ruiz Falce Abogados fue porque no puede hacerse directamente por dano moral y patrimonial antes de la resolucion del juez, que debera considerar si fue ilegal que la FMC privara a Cesar Robles de su participacion en el representativo nacional.
Stout had been "thus perticular" in his statements regarding communalism, he wrote, "because of the many falce [false] reports gon [gone] out," suggesting news of communalism in Wisconsin had reached the Latter-day Saints in Nauvoo.
Referee Fernando Falce took exception to his action, booking the No.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of falce ceiling
Scotellaro, (Scotellaro, 1954: 56) 1980: 47) si sono spalancati i burroni the ravines are flung wide open (Scotellaro, 1954: 79) (Scotellaro, 1980: 75) Solo rida sangue ai corpi un giro Only a furious sickle-sweep puts rabbioso di falce blood back in their bodies e sulle messi rivendicate all'ira and famished mounths fall upon della grandine the crops reclaimed from the hail's si gettano le bocche degli fury.
Na sessao 2(C), dedicada ao tema ITM/ SOC Social Issues in IS and IT, a moderacao foi feita por Fabio Gomes Rocha e contou com a apresentacao dos seguintes trabalhos: DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A WASTE CONTROL SYSTEM: A CASE STUDY IN A CAR SPARE COMPANY de Fernando Skackauskas Dias; TRAINING STRATEGY AND INNOVATION: A CASE STUDY IN THE ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY de Cristiana Fernandes de Muylder, Jefferson Lopes La Falce, Miriam Marcia de Freitas e Renata Giacomin Menezes; MOOCS--MASSIVE ONLINE OPEN COURSES: A CONCEPTUAL MODEL TO EVALUATE THE USERS PERCEPTION de Klaus Siegmar Schuldt, Graziela dos Santos Bento, Giancarlo Gomes e Iara Regina dos Santos Parizotto.
Tum, credo, cum me arbustum uidere Miconos 10 atque mala uitis incidere falce nouellas.
NOWSEHRA -- Resident of Nowshera Gulzar Khan and Amir Zada have blamed Station House Officer (SHO) of Nowsehra Kalan for implicating them in falce case.
Azione CC, based in Newcastle, has built a bespoke falce time trial bike for Atkin.