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Noun1.Falco - a genus of FalconidaeFalco - a genus of Falconidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
Falconidae, family Falconidae - a family of birds of the order Falconiformes
Falco peregrinus, peregrine, peregrine falcon - a widely distributed falcon formerly used in falconry
Falco rusticolus, gerfalcon, gyrfalcon - large and rare Arctic falcon having white and dark color phases
Falco tinnunculus, kestrel - small Old World falcon that hovers in the air against a wind
American kestrel, Falco sparverius, kestrel, sparrow hawk - small North American falcon
Falco columbarius, pigeon hawk, merlin - small falcon of Europe and America having dark plumage with black-barred tail; used in falconry
Falco subbuteo, hobby - small Old World falcon formerly trained and flown at small birds
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Release date- 20082019 - Montreal - Falco Resources (FPC: TSX-V) ('Falco' or the 'Company') is pleased to provide an update on the development of its Horne 5 project (the 'Project').
Falco eMotors, a brushless permanent magnet motor technology provider that designs, develops, produces and supports an advanced portfolio of electric motors for light electric vehicles and industrial and commercial HVLS fans, has received certification for its Epoch HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans.
Air sac nematode (Serratospiculum tendo) infection in an Austral peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus cassini) in Argentina.
The only time Barrington senior girls lacrosse player Sedona Falco slows down is when there's no time left on the clock.
- Japan-based Falco biosystems, working in collaboration with US-based life science company Promega's microsatellite instability chemistry and assay design, has obtained companion diagnostic approval for Falco's MSI-IVD from Japan's regulatory agency, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the companies said.
When the Falco car ferry set sail off the coast of Finland on 3 December last year, its captain was 50km away--and not in control.
There are five types of most trafficked birds of prey - saker falcon (falco cherrug), shaheen falcon (falco peregrinus peregrinator), laggar falcon (falco jugger), peregrine falcon (falco peregrinus) and golden eagle (aquila chrysaetos).
Osisko Gold Royalties announced that it has entered into a binding term sheet to provide Falco Resources Ltd.
Lori will report to Randy Falco, President and Chief Executive Officer.
As many in the Hispanic marketing and media world have privately discussed for months, Randy Falco will retire at the end of 2018, when he will reach the age of 65.