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Noun1.Falconidae - a family of birds of the order FalconiformesFalconidae - a family of birds of the order Falconiformes
bird family - a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
Falconiformes, order Falconiformes - chiefly diurnal carnivorous birds having hooked beaks and long talons with opposable hind toe: falcons; hawks; eagles; ospreys; caracaras; vultures
falcon - diurnal birds of prey having long pointed powerful wings adapted for swift flight
Falco, genus Falco - a genus of Falconidae
genus Polyborus, Polyborus - a genus of Falconidae
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North America, and Asia in different species of the family Falconidae. Herpesviruses affecting owls and falcons have been found to be antigenically similar to pigeon herpesvirus (Columbid HV-1) and distinct from other avian herpesviruses.
The pattern of the temporal fossa of the Ciconiidae differs from the pattern found in the Cuculiformes (POSSO; DONATELLI, 2006), in the Alcedinidae (MENDEZ; HOFLING, 2007) and Falconidae (GUZZI et al., 2015a; 2015b), because in the species of these groups the temporal fossa is divided into two portions, as well as has the postorbital process less developed.
Ectoparasitismo en tiuque comun Milvago chimango chimango (Vieillot, 1816) (Aves, Falconidae) en la zona de Nuble, Chile.
Campephilus Crimson-bellied CH, S haematogaster Woodpecker FALCONIDAE, Caracara, Falcon 82.
chimachima, regionally known as "pigua", is a species of the Falconidae family, Falconinae subfamily, and Caracarini tribe with a wide geographic distribution, it is found from the south of Costa Rica through to Colombia, Guyana, and Trinidad, east of Bolivia and Brazil to Paraguay, and north of Argentina and Uruguay, but not in Chile (1,2).
Carrion feeders like vultures (Catharttidae) and Caracaras (Falconidae) were found dead on the road, presumably killed by traffic while feeding.
Reported bird species, winter population size estimates, number of carcasses, and rRT-PCR test results per incident during outbreak of HPAI A(H5N8) virus, the Netherlands, November 2016-January 2017 * Maximum estimated Avian family and species (common name) winter population, x1,000 ([dagger]) Anatidae (waterbirds) Anas penelope (Eurasian wigeon) 680-920 Aythya fuliqula (tufted duck) 190-230 Unidentified waterfowl Podicipedidae (grebes) Ardeidae (herons) ([section]) Phalacrocoracidae (comorants) Rallidae (rallids) Scolopacidae (shorebirds) ([paragraph]) Laridae (gulls) Larus marinus (great black-backed gull) 7.4-13 Accipitridae (hawks) Falconidae (falcons) Falco pereqrinus (peregrine falcon) 0.36-0.52 Corvidae (corvids) Aves indet.
Quelques aspects sur le regime alimentaire du faucon crecerelle Falco tinnunculus (Aves, Falconidae) en Algerie.
Orden Familia Especie Accipitriformes Cathartidae Coragyps atratus Cathartes aura Elanus leucurus Accipitridae Buteogallus urubitinga Buteo magnirostris Buteo plagiatus Strigiformes Strigidae Glaucidium brasilianum Caracara cheriway Falconiformes Falconidae Herpetotheres cachinnans Falco sparverius Falco femoralis Orden Familia Nombre comun Accipitriformes Cathartidae zopilote comun zopilote aura milano cola blanca Accipitridae aguililla-negra mayor aguililla caminera aguililla gris Strigiformes Strigidae tecolote bajeno caracara quebrantahuesos Falconiformes Falconidae halcon guaco cernicalo americano halcon fajado Cuadro 2.
Taxa Nombre comun Superficie Mammalia Mamifero indeterminado 1.744 Lama guanicoe Guanaco 9 Ave Ave indeterminada 0 Falconidae Falconido indeterminado 0 Passeriforme Passeriforme indeterminado 0 Reptilia Reptil indeterminado 0 Callopistes sp.
Isolation and molecular characterization of a highly polymorphic centromeric tandem repeat in the family Falconidae. Genomics 2(1):14-24.