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 (fôk′nər), William
See William Faulkner.


also Falk·ner  (fôk′nər), William 1897-1962.
American writer whose works, such as the novels The Sound and the Fury (1929) and As I Lay Dying (1930), both set in the imaginary Yoknapatawpha County, explore the decay of older Southern culture. He won the 1949 Nobel Prize for literature.

Faulk·ner′i·an (fôk-nîr′ē-ən) adj.


(Biography) a variant spelling of (William) Faulkner
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Noun1.Falkner - United States novelist (originally Falkner) who wrote about people in the southern United States (1897-1962)Falkner - United States novelist (originally Falkner) who wrote about people in the southern United States (1897-1962)
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EACH episode of A House Through Time (BBC2, Thursday) has been packed with fascinating facts and stories - there is, sadly, just one more programme to come - and this week we learned how close 62 Falkner Street came to destruction during the May Blitz of 1941.
Alamo Falkner, 19, and Elliot Campinge, 20, were visiting Cardiff from Birmingham when they were alleged to have raped the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons.
Moonfleet, a ripping yarn about smugglers and a famous diamond, is set in Dorset but was written by John Meade Falkner who settled in the North East where he became a notable figure for reasons other than his popular fiction.
Falkner frames the story with a post-mission prologue and end note that lend a journalistic, nonfiction flair to the telling.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 6, 2012-Brekford announces RJ Falkner & Company as new investor relations counsel(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Falkner is a noted authority of the War of the Spanish Successions and the military career of John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough, and he has written this illustrated account of Churchill's military campaigns against the French from 1704 to 1711.
dagger] [dagger] FALKNER, Brian The Tomorrow Code Walker, 2008 430pp $18.
RESIDENTS from Falkner Square were showing their floral colours yesterday at a community fun day organised by neighbourhood group Canning in Bloom.
The Falkner Evans Trio features Falkner Evans on piano, Cecil McBee on bass, and Matt Wilson on drums.
Falkner is a grippingly written horror novella depicting the tale of Seth and Anne Landon who become involved with a peculiar and rustic hotel in northern Wisconsin as it becomes the site of terrifying happenings.
SIR - I was interested to read the feature by Emma Falkner about stress (Western Mail, April 10).