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Noun1.Fallopius - Italian anatomist who first described the Fallopian tubes (1523-1562)
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Peyronie's disease (PD) was first noted in 1561 by Fallopius and Vesalius (Filkin & Hog, 1999; Ralph & Pryor, 1999).
In the middle of the first century, Vesalius and Fallopius recognized nasolacrimal passage system accurately.
Later on during the (so-called) European Renaissance Andreas Vessalius (15141564) Ambroise ParACopyright (15101590) and Gabriele Fallopius (15231562) amongst others were significant figures in the development of scientific" medicine of that era.
23) Anderson quoted extensively not only from classical authorities such as Galen and Dioscorides but also from more recent writers including Fallopius, Jean Fernel, and Garcia ab Orta to describe the healing properties of a wide variety of springs located in such far-flung destinations as Sicily and Peru.
Fue el medico italiano Gabriellle Fallopius en el ano 1500 quien redirigio su uso hacia fines profilacticos.