False conception

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(Med.) an abnormal conception in which a mole, or misshapen fleshy mass, is produced instead of a properly organized fetus.

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References in classic literature ?
So, in any case, suicide seemed to me to be an unpardonable error, even in the man who, through a false conception of greatness of soul, takes his life a few moments before the executioner's axe falls.
While she had every confidence in the prowess of the godlike creature who thus dared brazenly to face the king of beasts, she had no false conception of what must certainly happen when they met.
They caused fellows of your sort to form a false conception of the nature of a secret service fund.
Mandel, however, challenges this false conception and narrative through arguing that both the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and all the other conflicts in the Middle East have been shadowing local parameters and factors that might have been playing a substantial role in the formation and maintaining of Jewish-Muslim interactions and relations in the world.
When not properly accounted for, the effect of the solar motion may lead to a false conception of the true character of stellar motions.
Finally, how has Kairos Palestine worked against the false conception that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is religious and not political?
Ferrara's point is this: American and Western "liberty" is rooted in a false conception of man and the state and the relationship of one to the other.
Yet, driven by a false conception of being sufficiently powerful, the AKP and its senior figures have long been attacking the West's democratic countries and organizations that lent them support in their hard times.
As such it offers a false conception of real market processes based on decentralisation, dispersed knowledge among market participants and rivalrous competitive behaviour involving both price discovery and various non-price means of satisfying customers.
Webster's dictionary defines superstition as "a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation.
The crisis of Western civilization stems primarily from a false conception of man and what constitutes reality.
With deep regret, however, I must conclude that the many errors caused by the false conception of i-mutation make use of the book for self-instruction problematic.