False fire

a combustible carried by vessels of war, chiefly for signaling, but sometimes burned for the purpose of deceiving an enemy; also, a light on shore for decoying a vessel to destruction.

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A Police Scotland spokesman said: "We can confirm enquiries were carried out into a false fire call emanating from the Locharbriggs area, Dumfries, on Thursday, March 8.
Halls were evacuated on Thursday morning on the University of Cyprus Nicosia campus after a false fire alarm, the fire service said.
In a letter sent to hotel guests, Night Manager Ruben Silva said: "On behalf of all the team and myself may I offer my sincere apologies for the false fire alarm.
The incident took place shortly before 3 pm, when the suspect pulled out a false fire alarm to draw the people outside their classrooms.
29, a false fire alarm in the tunnel was sounded, which alerted the fire alarm control panel.
At the time, a resident of the building told Gulf News that the tower had long been plagued by problems, such as false fire alarms going off on an almost daily basis.
The next time a false fire alarm or malfunctioning tap exasperates you - both as an end user and FM professional - I'd like for you to please take a step back and reconsider where your angst should be truly directed.
A false fire alarm on a plane heading from Egypt to Lagos, Nigeria led to a stampede, which resulted in the injury of four passengers, an EgyptAir official said on Sunday.
HOSPITALS are the biggest cause of false fire alarm calls in the West Midlands.
HOSPITALS are the biggest cause of false fire alarm calls in Scotland, with Dundee's Ninewells the worst offender.
Given the routine task of investigating a false fire that turned fatal at the Solitude Creek roadhouse, she finds evidence that suggests it may be the work of Antioch March, a crafty killer who scares people into causing their own deaths.
Worcester, charged with making a false fire alarm, sentenced to six months in the House of Correction, to begin upon his release from a previous sentence now being served.