False leg

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(Zool.) See Proleg.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
It's not a real leg, only a false leg." And there's a mighty difference between a living thump and a dead thump.
AN amputee killed a woman by mowing her down in a car then threw his false leg at police.
JOKER McAllister slings false leg around his neck his Facebook page coUnTDown To being of an electronic tag
Earlier this month,aman wasjailed for four years for hiding 0.07g of marijuana inside a sock on his false leg.
A FALSE leg and PS16,000 in cash are among the most unusual items of lost property found on Merseyrail trains.
"It's such an uplifting story which will engage your heart as well as your mind, and you can't help but laugh along with her, and her big fat false leg, George!" Catch the show at Tuned In, Redcar, tonight or on Thursday at The Forum, Northallerton, both 7pm starts.
After the op Jack battled septicaemia and MRSA and faced the challenges of life with a false leg. He said: "I had to learn to walk again.
Sam's Uncle suddenly and mysteriously goes off to Azerbaijan in the middle of the night, leaving Sam to fend for himself--until he meets the feisty old woman (who has several sets of false teeth and a false leg and many other secret weapons and tricks) who lives next door.
POLICE are searching for a man with a false leg who has gone missing after leaving home with a wheelchair, a TV and an inflatable dinghy.
Summary: Two staff members of a private security firm have been sacked for putting an electronic tag on an offender's false leg.
The false leg includes a knee joint and, unlike many prosthetic limbs, artificial tendons which allow the user to experience freedoms unheard of with previous technology.
Epileptic Miller, 46, of Church Road, Emsworth, West Sussex, made a nuisance of himself by taking off his top and waving his false leg around in the seated part of the venue.