False papers

(Naut.) documents carried by a ship giving false representations respecting her cargo, destination, etc., for the purpose of deceiving.

See also: False

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with fraud law firm false papers Nigel Russell leaves Liverpool Crown Court
Carrying just a small case containing false papers and a radio transmitter, the 25-yeaold made his way to Cambridge.
Aden, Ramadan 02, 1438, May 28, 2017, SPA -- The Central Bank of Yemen warned of the circulation of false papers counterfeiting Yemeni national currency.
Minister of Health threaten to pursue 32 companies that have used false papers to import medicines.
While in Switzerland, Blair got false papers to get him to Gibraltar and then England.
In an early essay collected in False Papers, Aciman had written about an abandoned subway station still visible to riders on the Broadway line in Manhattan's Upper West Side.
Career criminal Peter Foster has obtained false papers in a bid to quit Australia and grab millions of pounds stashed overseas, says an Aussie newspaper.
The minister said Imran Khan should be ashamed of showing a false report in connection with NADRA, adding, the PTI chief was used to befooling people by showing such false papers.
He was caught using false papers under the name of Heinrich Hitzinger.
The man, who is awaiting a decision on his request for political asylum in Italy, will be charged with possession of false papers but police do not believe he was linked to any plot, as initially feared.
A person banned for presenting false papers must acquire a waiver for readmission into the country, which Kowalski said is an uphill battle.