False papers

(Naut.) documents carried by a ship giving false representations respecting her cargo, destination, etc., for the purpose of deceiving.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
He and Harris shot every man of them dead, and two who were shot through the heart they washed and dressed and set adrift to rot in the gig with false papers! God knows how we made Madeira; we painted the old name out and a new name in, on the way; and we shipped a Portuguese crew, not a man of whom could speak English.
According to the police, the African national managed to scam a citizen into giving him OMR 35,000 in order to receive a bag with false papers which would provide the victim with OMR 2 million.
By 1998 Russia had rumbled him and he was thrown in jail, fleeing to Britain on false papers when given temporary release.
John Harrison QC on Mark Bray's false papers he works for, Roofing Limited, also faces corporate manslaughter.
If an individual takes the Egyptian nationality by cheating and/or presenting false papers. Ahmed Mahran, manager of the Cairo Center for Political and Legal Studies, said that withdrawing the nationality comes upon a decision of the Cabinet and must be published in the state's official Gazette within thirty days from the date of issuance.
with fraud law firm false papers Nigel Russell leaves Liverpool Crown Court
Carrying just a small case containing false papers and a radio transmitter, the 25-yeaold made his way to Cambridge.
Aden, Ramadan 02, 1438, May 28, 2017, SPA -- The Central Bank of Yemen warned of the circulation of false papers counterfeiting Yemeni national currency.
Minister of Health threaten to pursue 32 companies that have used false papers to import medicines.
While in Switzerland, Blair got false papers to get him to Gibraltar and then England.
Since 1994, he has published two collections of essays, False Papers: Essays on Exile and Memory (2000) and Alibis: Essays on Elsewhere (2012); one edited collection, Letters of Transit: Reflections on Exile, Identity, Language, and Loss (1999); and three novels, Call Me by Your Name (2007), Eight White Nights (2010), and Harvard Square (2013).