False roof

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(Arch.) the space between the upper ceiling and the roof.

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Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of led lights and false roof ceiling
CRIMINALS with a fake fag empire set up a James Bond-style hidden compartment in their shop behind a false roof - which was lowered via a hidden switch.
The problem was the fire got up into this false roof area, and that was what gave us the challenge,'' he said.
A WORKER who was the first on the scene of a fatal accident told how he saw a cloud of dust before coming across a dying colleague who had fallen through a false roof.
5 tons of cocaine hidden in a false roof of two of the cabins.
The collapse of a footbridge close to the main stadium and part of a false roof in the weightlifting venue raised fears about the standard of construction.
A ton and a half of cocaine was removed from the boat af ter being found in a false roof inside a cabin.
Work on replacing the roof and restoring the exterior stonework of the house began in September, 2006, with 150 tons of scaffolding being used to envelop the building and create a false roof.
And Ange Mlinko, despite her lapses into the sort of chatty patter that infests so many hip journals, can bring us to that necessary point where a cricket is thrown out of a house "like rain bounced off a small false roof / over the spiral volutes of its capitals"--where, that is, our "view of the sweet / hypoglycemic across the street" unoccluded, our interest in "precise correlatives to describe the randomness of the universe" might be sustained long enough for us not to mind that we will never find them.