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(ˈfɔl stæf, -stɑf)

Sir John, the fat jovial somewhat unscrupulous knight in Shakespeare's Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2, and The Merry Wives of Windsor.
Fal•staff•i•an (fɔlˈstæf i ən) adj.
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Noun1.Falstaff - a dissolute character in Shakespeare's playsFalstaff - a dissolute character in Shakespeare's plays
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These were the plays that we loved, and must have read in common, or at least at the same time: but others that I more especially liked were the Histories, and among them particularly were the Henrys, where Falstaff appeared.
As to Falstaff personally, or his like, I was rather fastidious, and would not have made friends with him in the flesh, much or little.
Falstaff will get the Tom Hanks treatment when the actor stars in the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles' production of Henry IV .
Falstaff s anonymous page boy--identified as "Page" in 2 Henry IV and "Boy" in Henry V--denunciates chivalric manhood by evincing a skeptical view of the kind of heroic masculinity championed by the Earl of Essex.
Falstaff is one of Shakespeare's most attractive and enigmatic characters.
Music Falstaff Verdi's opera tells the comedic tale of Falstaff's greeddriven schemes to woo married women for their fortunes.
Next year marks 25 years since Sir Geraint's death and, as the college prepares to stage its own ambitious version of Falstaff conducted by Carlo Rizzi, it provides the perfect opportunity to launch a lasting opera fund in his name.
So where does Sir John Falstaff (Barrie Rutter, in Billy Bunter fat suit, playing the libidinous knight for a third time) fit in to all this?
Barrie, who is both directing and taking the lead role of Sir John Falstaff, says he is phenomenally grateful to the company's loyal audiences in the north.
Purportedly, Shakespeare resurrected Falstaff (his future at the end of Henry IV, Part II had rather been left hanging in the balance before the royal decree) and immediately wrote Merry Wives -- in a mere 14 days.
LEADING RSC actor Antony Sher will give an up-close and intimate insight into Shakespeare's Falstaff at the launch of Year of the Fat Knight: The Falstaff Diaries on Monday, April 27.
The production of Giuseppe Verdi's three-act comic opera starred current and recent students from the Teatro Alla Scala Academy of Lyric Opera who brought the tale of the "fat knight" Falstaff and the women who outwit him to life in an energetic and entertaining performance.