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(Placename) an island in the Baltic Sea, part of SE Denmark. Chief town: Nykøbing. Pop: 43 537 (2003 est). Area: 513 sq km (198 sq miles)


(ˈfɑl stər)

an island in SE Denmark. 45,906; 198 sq. mi. (513 sq. km).
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Dsb, In Collaboration With Banedanmark, Offers Graffiti Discharges And Prevention At Selected Stations In Zealand And Falster.
The company said Nielsen'as resignation is as a result of the termination of her employment with the company upon the closing of the company's factory in Nykobing Falster, Denmark.
This may be a disadvantage as respiration increases more than photosynthesis with temperature and the effect is more important for leaves under stronger radiation and where water is in short supply (Westoby, Falster, Moles, Vesk, & Wright, 2002).
Data for MA and MB were log10-transformed and Model Type II (reduced major axis, RMA) regression analysis was used to determine the scaling exponents (aRMA) and allometric constants (log bRMA) (Niklas, 1994, 2005, 2006; Falster et al.
Previous literature findings did not support increased traffic risks, higher levels of air pollution, and unsafe neighborhoods (Moller, Falster, Iyers, & Jorm, 2015).
At this time the Darss Sill which is located between the German Darss peninsula and the Danish island Falster probably became dry land temporarily (Fig.
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On April 9, 1940, in the first phase of the Nazi assault on Denmark and Norway, a Luftwaffe parachute platoon seized Aalborg aerodrome in Northern Denmark while two other platoons descended to seize the Vordingborg Bridge between Falster and Zealand.
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30, Jul Date: Composite; Plate: DRIVER STEPHEN PAUL July 26, 2014 Taken too early at home, in Nykobing Falster, Denmark, will be sadly missed by all his English and Danish Families.
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