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n. pl. pol·yp·o·ses (-sēz)
The presence of several polyps in the body.


(Medicine) med the formation of many polyps or a condition characterized by such


n. poliposis, formación numerosa de pólipos.


n poliposis f; familial adenomatous — poliposis adenomatosa familiar
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(1) Duodenal epithelial polyps can occur as sporadic polyps, usually identified incidentally during upper endoscopy performed for other reasons, or in the setting of familial polyposis, in which they are typically multiple in number and often carpet the entire duodenal surface.
Arshad Cheema from Lahore was the next speaker who talked about J-pouch following total colectomy for familial polyposis and ulcerative colitis.
Clinical exam revealed bilateral pitting edema and an elevated jugular venous pressure, with no history of familial polyposis or colorectal cancer.
This alternative to the conventional Brooke ileostomy allows a patient to be free of wearing an external pouch or appliance to collect waste following removal of the large intestine (colon) and rectum to cure conditions including Ulcerative Colitis and Familial Polyposis syndromes.
In the duodenal bulb, multiple polyps smaller than 10 mm do not need biopsy or treatment, whereas endoscopic surveillance and biopsy of duodenal polyps are important in patients with familial polyposis [3].
Familial polyposis coli: clinical manifestations, evaluation, management and treatment.
(4) Other associated conditions include familial polyposis syndrome, Gardner's syndrome, (1) estrogen therapy and trauma.
Sasazuki, "p53 gene mutations in colorectal tumors from patients with familial polyposis coli," Cancer Research, vol.
Additional proposed risk factors include sedentary lifestyle, obesity, tobacco use, and alcohol consumption (1); while the commonly accepted high-risk groups for colon cancer are those aged >60 years, those with a positive family history of colorectal cancer, and those with familial polyposis syndrome.

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