Family of curves

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(Geom.) a group of curves or surfaces derived from a single equation.
- Mayhew.

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The corresponding Finsler metric is derived by the two-parameter Weibull distribution function instead of two-parameter family of curves. First, the two-parameter cumulative Weibull distribution function in (2) is linearized to calculate [alpha], [beta], u variables in a simpler form.
The topics include the divisibility of L-polynomials for a family of curves, a family of plane curves with two or more Galois points in positive characteristic, full degree two del Pezzo surfaces over small finite fields, on coefficients of powers of polynomials and their compositions over finite fields, and finding a Gr|bner basis for the ideal of recurrence relations on m-dimensional periodic arrays.
Figure 3b shows the blue tinted family of curves which represents a angular velocities at various fixed [gamma] angles.
He thus obtained a family of curves (Figure 2), where an optimal region can be found which favors the curing of the tumor with minimal complications [4]
Family of curves of ([[tau].sub.c], [[gamma].sub.c]), belonging to region [R.sub.1] (Fig.
If we analyze the uppermost family of curves (8760 hours, 10 years payback), we see that, for a filter bank selected at 300 fpm face velocity, the owner would obtain a lower owning cost index if the design final pressure drop is only 0.4" w.g.--not 0.6" or 0.8 "w.g.
The family of curves represents various time durations for a single pulse event.
In the series of papers [2 4,8], the authors investigated another general family of curves called join-type curves.
This curve belongs to a set of a much larger family of curves called the roulettes.
We thus have a four parameter family of curves determined by [a.sub.21], [a.sub.31], [a.sub.22], and [a.sub.32], which we will denote by x, z, y, w, respectively, throughout this paper.
Note that [1] also provides a connection between the extremal length of a family of curves and its reciprocal, the modulus of a family of curves, both of which are widely used in geometric function theory.

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